No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0960

“What a mouth you have. Listen here, bud, I’m Peace Chaffman, a young master of a second-class aristocratic family. Are you kidding me? You dare to offend the Chaffman family?”

Peace immediately burst into laughter when he heard that. “Besides, I don’t believe that you have the ability to defeat the two fighters I have here!”

“A second-class aristocratic family?”

Even Skyler was stunned by his words.

After all, Jack and the others had just arrived here. Furthermore, Jack had declared that he had other matters to attend to. He did not wish to cause trouble here in Swallow city.

If he truly killed this young master from a second-class aristocratic family, he would be blowing the issue up. The master of the Chaffman family and their other fighters would definitely attempt to avenge their young master.

He did not fear the Chaffman family, but they most certainly had plenty of men. If he destroyed the entire Chaffman family, Jack, Selena, and the others would soon be attracting the attention of other powerful families.

When he thought about it, Skyler felt that he should refrain from killing Young Master Chaffman and Young Master Quinton for now. Besides, Jack and Lana were not here. What if they blamed him for being too hasty if he killed them?

“Never mind. Don’t kill the two young masters, but get the rest. Let’s teach them a good lesson. We can’t let them walk off without letting them see some blood being shed!”

Skyler quickly decided.

When Peace had seen Skyler contemplating, he had thought that the other man was truly afraid.

He gave a cold smile. “What now? You’re scared because you know that I’m a young master of a second-class aristocratic family, eh? Since you’re so scared, just bring the two beautiful women and Jack here. Otherwise, you’ll be meeting your end here!”

Caleb seemed to have thought of something, and he said to Skyler, “It looks like you’re a pretty good fighter. Just step aside or bring your master out—you don’t have to fight for him any longer. I’ll pay you a billion dollars per year and make you an elder in the Quinton family!”

“Hmph. I don’t care for it!”

Skyler could not be bothered to talk anymore. He immediately lunged forward and attacked the two strong men before him.


Pressurized air blades quickly clashed, creating terrible slashing noises.

Fiona and the others heard it and rushed out of the villa.

“What’s going on? Why is there a fight?”

Fiona was shocked when she saw the scene unfolding before her from a distance, her face went white. She was anxious.

“Hey! Why are they fighting? Don’t tell me Jack provoked someone again?”

Andrew spoke in an exasperated tone, “What a reckless man. He’s so stubborn and he always causes trouble. I really suspect that he’s stirred up another storm. Why would people come looking for us otherwise? We haven’t even spent two days here!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. They’re not here now either. Perhaps it’s because of Selena’s beauty. Look at that fatty there—one glance tells me that he’s up to no good!”

Old Man Taylor defended Jack.

While they talked, the fight grew fiercer. The two bodyguards from the Chaffman family, who were almost as strong as six-star kings of war, were quickly downed, blood pooling over their bodies.

“No–no way.”

Peace and Caleb exchanged a glance when they saw the two fighters on the ground. Horror crept into their gazes.

“I’m telling you, these are powerful fighters from the Chaffman family…”

Peace immediately tried to threaten Skyler when it looked like the latter was about to kill them.

Unfortunately, he did not get a chance to finish his sentence when Skyler raised his sword and brought it down. The two powerful fighters were killed just like that.

With a few flashes of Skyler’s hands, the rest of the bodyguards fell down one by one, each of them with terror froze onto their expressions.


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