No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0961

“Don’t–don’t kill us!”

Caleb’s legs immediately crumpled beneath him when he realized that only he and Peace were left; he dropped onto his knees.

“Please, let me go this once. I’m a young master of a second-class aristocratic family. I won’t dare to do something like this again!”

Peace had never seen a scenario like this before. His feet went cold, and he was so terrified that he wet his pants. Just like Caleb, his knees turned into jelly and he plopped onto the ground.

At that moment, Skyler was absolutely terrifying to them. He had killed without batting an eyelash. They had never seen such a terrifying scene before.

“You injured two of my disciples. I killed all these men as punishment, so we’ll call it even. Get out of my sight!”

Skyler cast a cold glare at the two men who were on the ground. “I won’t let you off so easily if you dare to show your face here again!”

“Don’t worry. We’ll never come here again!”

Caleb wiped away the cold sweat filming over his forehead. Then he pushed himself to stand upright.

“We’ll never do it again!”

Peace tried to stand up, but stumbled, and almost fell onto the ground. Caleb managed to help him up, then the two ambled out of the gates.


Skyler spoke in an unsympathetic tone as he watched the two fellows, who had been scared out of their wits.

“Mr. Celestino, what happened? Why did these men come looking for us?”

After Andrew stepped forward, he asked in a polite manner.

“I’m not too sure myself. Seems like they wanted us to hand Master Jack, Miss Selena, and Lana over!”

Skyler flashed a bitter smile. “That fatty was a young master from a second-class aristocratic family. I had hoped that he would not pursue the matter any further, since I didn’t know if I should kill him without Jack’s direct orders. I was afraid that the issue would blow out of proportion!”

“A second-class aristocratic family. That’s trouble!”

Old Man Taylor could not help but sighed after he heard that.

“What happened to the two of them? Their hands are swollen!”

Fiona looked at the two bodyguards on the ground. She did not know what to do.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give Jack a call. He has a miracle medicine with him right now. Their arms are broken, but they’ll be as good as new in two or three days once they take Jack’s medicine!”

Skyler smiled at everyone. Then he turned toward the rest of the bodyguards. “Take whatever valuables you can find from their bodies, then get rid of them,” he said. “Just take them to the outskirts of the city and burn them!”

At that moment, Jack, Selena, and Lana were in their newly opened pharmacy.

They have changed the signboard of the pharmacy. It now reads ‘Amity Apothecary’.

Besides, Jack had sought out two female Chinese medicine practitioners to assist the old Chinese doctor.

The two were pretty skilled doctors. They would probably be able to treat regular diseases even if he was not around. Along with the old Chinese doctor, they could run the show perfectly fine.

“Your monthly wages will come up to 20 thousand dollars. I assume that amount isn’t a problem?”

Jack said, looking at the two before him.

“20 thousand!”

The two exchanged a glance, shocked. They had thought that 10 thousand was a pretty good salary already. They never thought that they would be paid this much over here. Their boss was too generous.

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