No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0962

“What’s wrong? Is it too little?”

Jack’s lips curled into a bitter smile as he spoke to the two young women before him.

“No, no. It’s more than enough. I never thought that we’d be paid so much!”

The two quickly waved their hands and replied.

At this moment, an old man was seen at the entrance. He was shabbily dressed, and he seemed like a beggar. He scanned the interior of the pharmacy, hesitation in his eyes.

Jack looked at the old man, sensing that he was in a pickle. He stepped forward and asked, “Are you looking for something, sir?”

The old man furrowed his brows. He remained silent for a few seconds before finally speaking, “Young man, Chi–chinese medicine is a lot cheaper than Western medicine, right?”

Jack suddenly understood everything. The old man wanted treatment, but he was probably worried that he did not have enough money to foot the medical bills.

He gave a wan smile. “That’s right. Chinese medicine is a lot cheaper than going to big hospitals. But not many people seek our treatment, simply because there aren’t many who believe in our treatment.”

Here, Jack carefully studied the old man. “But you seem pretty healthy, sir. You’re not ill, are you?”

The old man took out a plastic bag from his pocket, his expression embarrassed. He slowly opened the bag, revealing a few dozen notes inside.

After he looked at Jack, he dropped onto his knees. “I–I’m not sick, young man, but my granddaughter is. She’s in so much pain that she can’t walk now. I–I only have this much money. Can you please take all of this to cure my granddaughter? I’m begging you!”

Jack’s chest tightened after he heard that. “Where is she now? What are her symptoms?”

“She’s underneath a bridge that’s not too far away from here. She has some problems with her waist. She probably twisted a muscle. We were picking up trash a few days before, and it was too heavy. She insisted on carrying it all by herself…”

The old man thought about it, then he told Jack, “I don’t know what to do anymore. We can’t go to a regular hospital!”

Jack considered the situation before flashing a smile. “It’s probably a dislocated bone in the thigh. It’s not a problem. Keep your money. I’ll come along with you to see her!”

“All right. I’ll bring you there. But you must keep this money. It’s only right to give you a consultation fee, at least.”

The old man hauled himself onto his feet. With a relieved expression, he stubbornly shoved the money into Jack’s hand.

Jack never expected the old man, a beggar who is so advanced in age, would still have such strong principles. He could not help but admire the old man.

“no need. We just opened this pharmacy, sir. You’re our very first customer, so let’s call this an opening discount, eh? You don’t have to pay me. Let’s go. Take me to see her!”

Jack laughed.

After he said that, he turned toward the old Chinese doctor, Terrence Chaffry. “All right, we’re going off first. Just keep watch here, Dr. Chaffry. Call me if you run into any uncertain or incurable diseases. If you meet any terminally ill patients who are rich, tell them that I can cure them. But their bill will probably come up to a few hundred million or a billion dollars. Depending on their condition.”

“All right. Got it!”

Terrence nodded his head, smiling. He could tell that Jack was somewhat of a modern Robin Hood. He would treat the rich who came to see him, and if they were suffering from a serious disease, he would charge them exorbitant fees. Meanwhile, he would not charge the poor much, even if they were suffering from regular diseases. For example, he decided to help the old man today for free.

Soon enough, the old man brought Jack, Selena, and Lana to a nearby bridge, where they stopped below an arch.


A young woman could be seen lying below the bridge. She wanted to move, but pain suddenly lanced throughout her body—so furious that it made her veins pop and raked an anguished cry from her mouth.

The woman was about 20 years old. Dirt smudged across her cheeks, and her clothes were tattered, but she had fine features, and anyone could tell that she was a beauty from a single glance. She would probably be gorgeous if she dressed up.

“Oh my, it’s a beauty!”

Lana could not help but smile when she saw the other woman.

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