No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0963

“Who–who are you?”

The young woman was frightened by their appearance, worried that they were up to no good.

“Don’t be scared, Brianna. I brought this Chinese medicine practitioner here to take a look at you!”

The old beggar quickly explained to his granddaughter. The young woman managed a sigh of relief when she heard that.

Jack walked over and crouched down, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Lay down first!”

The young woman did as he said, enduring the pain. Jack began to gently massage the area around her waist.

“You have a dislocated bone, miss. I have no choice, so don’t mind me!”

Jack gave an embarrassed cough before moving his hand downward, stopping right above her buttocks.

Brianna’s face reddened, and her pulse quickened. She could do nothing but clench her teeth in silence.

She was well aware that the little money her grandfather had was not enough for any doctor to prescribe medicine for her.

This doctor though was willing to come from afar just to see her. This was a rare opportunity plus he did not mind her grandfather and her dirty, scraggly appearances. He probably was not a bad person.

However, the position of his hand naturally made a young woman like her extremely embarrassed. Her cheeks were as red as tomatoes.

“Hold on for a little longer. It’ll be over soon!”

Jack kneaded his wrist, then gave a light slap.


Brianna released a cry of pain. Her thigh bone and femoral head finally clicked back together, resulting in a clear crack that sliced through the air.

The sound rang out clearly. However, it was easy to miss it too, if one was not paying attention.

“All done!”

Jack stood up, his lips curling into a reassuring smile.

“It–it’s done?”

Brianna was astonished. She moved her leg experimentally. She could truly move now, and it was not the least bit painful.

“Th–thank you, sir. My leg is truly better!”

Brianna immediately got up and bowed toward Jack.

“No need to thank me!”

Jack smiled. “Right. So how did you end up in this predicament?”

The old man looked at Jack and released a long sigh. “Ah, it’s a long story, young man. We can’t help that we’ve been reduced to this state. Let’s not talk about it!”

Selena observed the two beggars before turning toward her husband and saying, “We’re looking for some servants, right, dear? Why don’t we…”

Jack instantly understood what she meant. He bobbed his head and spoke to the beggar and his granddaughter, “That’s right. We’re looking for some helpers around our house. Perhaps you’re interested? If you’re fine with it, sir, you can help to maintain the garden. And this young lady can help with cleaning the house!”

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