No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0964

“S–sir, we’re just beggars. You’ve already helped us so much. It won’t do for you to have beggars in your workplace, no?”

The old man was extremely touched, but he spoke with a tinge of embarrassment.

“you won’t be beggars any longer if you work in my place. More importantly, food and lodging will be covered, so you don’t have to worry about it!”

Jack chuckled and replied.

“Th–thank you, Doctor!”

Tears welled up in Brianna’s eyes, threatening to spill out. She stepped forward and thanked him profusely.

“Let’s go. First off, let’s get you two some new clothes. You can shower and get a good rest when we get back. You’ll start work tomorrow!

“And I’ll pay you 10 thousand dollars per month. How about that?”

Jack spoke in a flippant tone, smiling.

“Young man, this–this is too much, isn’t it? You don’t have to pay us that much. Just give us any amount. We’ll be eternally grateful so long as we have a place to stay and food to eat!”

The old beggar could not hold his tears in for much longer.

“don’t say that. I treat everyone equally. All my subordinates receive the same amount of wages. It makes it easier for me to keep track of my funds too!”

Jack burst into laughter.

At this moment, his phone rang out.

He could not help but frown when he saw that it was Skyler who called. The king of war rarely called him, so when he did, there was something going on.

After the call ended, Jack shook his head slowly, a bitter smile creeping over his lips.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen at home?”

Selena furrowed her brows and asked Jack.

He nodded his head in return. “Yes. Skyler told me that a few kings of war came to our place looking for trouble, but they had to leave when they saw him so in the end they didn’t do anything.”

Here, Jack paused before continuing, “But Young Master Chaffman and Young Master Quinton came by not long after with a few men in tow, looking for trouble. They injured two of our bodyguards, and their arms had been broken. Skyler was afraid of blowing the matter up, so he just killed the two fighters and their bodyguards, leaving those two b*stards alive!”

“So that’s what happened. No wonder he called you!”

Selena came to a realization. “Then we’d better head back first. The two injured bodyguards need your medical attention!”


Jack bobbed his head. “We’ll quickly get two sets of clothes for them, then we’ll head back straightaway.”

The old beggar and Brianna were moved after they heard the conversation.

They wondered which family the young man before them belonged to. A few kings of war came to them, looking for trouble, but they were so scared that they left. Even Young Master Quinton and Young Master Chaffman ended up frightened to their wits after they had gone to them, looking for trouble. It seemed that the people before them were indeed very powerful.

Jack quickly brought the two to buy clothes before heading back.

He ordered a servant to bring the two to their accommodation to take a rest. Jack also handed them two thousand dollars each, ensuring that they had some pocket money. Only then did he attend to the two injured bodyguards.


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