No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0965

“Jack, I didn’t know what to do when you and Miss Selena weren’t around, honestly. I didn’t want to cause any trouble for us when we’ve just arrived in Swallow City. Besides, the two fighters from the Chaffman family were really strong—probably as strong as six-star or seven-star Kings of War. I killed them, just to teach them a lesson.”

Skyler explained everything to Jack when he saw the latter’s arrival.

Jack took out two pills and gave one each to the bodyguards. Then he looked at Skyler. “Good job. You really showed them that we can’t be bullied,” he said. “Even a second-class aristocratic family would be frightened if you killed two of their fighters in a flash!”

“Here I thought that you would blame me for my actions!”

Skyler could not help but smile, seeing that Jack was not mad at him—rather, his master was pleased with his decision.

“Why would I? These two bodyguards are your disciples, and they’re such strong fighters. They killed so many heroes from the enemy’s side on the battlefield, and they were injured. Of course, you can’t just let them off!”

Jack was relieved. After he said that, he looked at the two bodyguards. “Take a good rest,” he said. “You can start training again after you both have adequate rest and try to improve your skills. We’re in Swallow City—the City of Martial Arts. There are plenty of strong fighters here!”

“I would have killed all of them if I wasn’t afraid of revealing our identity. F*ck. I really want to weed out the arrogant idiots who think they can throw their weight about and bully everyone!”

Skyler flashed a bright smile.


At this moment, a voice abruptly rang out. Fiona stalked over, huffing. “What’s going on? I heard that you brought two beggars in. Either I’m drunk, or you’re drunk. We’re not some no-name family now—we have a powerful social standing. How could you just bring beggars in?”

Skyler, Elaine, and the others exchanged glances. Their features twisted into snide expressions.

Only a mother-in-law like Fiona would dare to order Jack about like that. He was the Supreme Warrior!

However, they knew that there was no way about it. She was his mother-in-law, and Jack insisted on concealing his identity. He could not yell, he could not fight back; he could only endure it all.

Still, they only realized that Jack’s temper had gotten better with her. When they had been on the battlefield, nobody dared to provoke the man who could make dozens fall with a swoop of his arm. They all needed to mind their words around him.

“I suggested it, Mom. They were in such sorry states, so I wanted Jack to help them!”

Selena smiled and explained to Fiona.

“But how can we just take in beggars? We’re not some refugee camp, nor are we a charity. Besides, it would be so embarrassing if anyone found out about this!”

Fiona’s expressions softened slightly when she learned that it was Selena’s idea. Nevertheless, she had both arms folded over her chest, and she spoke in an exasperated tone.

“Mom, they were beggars before. I’m not taking them in for free. They’re going to work here, and they’ll be our servants from now on. They’ll receive 10 thousand dollars per month just like the other servants. They won’t be beggars then, right?”

Jack tried to negotiate, smiling.

“Hmph. I’ll forgive you this once. But don’t simply take in beggars next time!”

Fiona harrumphed before leaving in a huff.

The two beggars, Nathanael and Brianna Sullivan, quickly finish showering and changed into the clothes that Jack had bought for them.

The two went to see Jack and thanked him and Selena.

Jack’s eyes immediately brightened when he saw the two. He could tell that these two carried a strange dignity that could not be found in any regular person.

Especially Brianna, who had a poised manner that was not unlike that of a young lady of a significant household.


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