No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0968

Hunter nodded at Caleb’s words, agreeing to him. “That’s possible. Anyways, it’s best if we don’t provoke them. Who knows who these people are to be able to get an eight-star King of War working as their bodyguard!”

Hunter then added, “Truly, I don’t think Young Master Chaffman would give up. After all, he lost two masters who had powers comparable to six-star Kings of War. He can’t hide this, and when the Chaffman family knows about it, they’ll surely start something.”

Caleb nodded. “This is good for us. We don’t need to do anything and just let them fight among themselves!”

Despite his positive opinion, Caleb was bitter at the fact that he would not have a chance with those women if they fought.

Caleb left Hunter’s residence after he drank tea for some time.

At that moment…

Several members of the Taylor family were caught in a city not far away from Eastfield.

The Taylors knelt on the ground, shivering as they anxiously eyed the people surrounding them.

“Be honest! Tell us who killed my son and Freeman’s family master’s son. If you don’t tell us the truth, I’ll kill you all!” The Lambert family’s third elder, Tao Lambert, was extremely angry when he recalled the death of his son, Lucas. Unable to eat properly for the past few days and had waited for news every day, he unfalteringly searched for members of the Taylor family in nearby cities.

At last, they managed to snag a few of them.

Despite having captured extended relatives of the Taylors, he was unsatisfied; Tao Lambert knew these damned Taylors were smart. Not only did they sneak away at night, but they even ran separately. It was extremely difficult to get all of the Taylor family members.

It would still prove to be a difficult feat to find all the Taylors and kill them, even though he had many men working for him.

One of the Taylors was an old man who quivered out of fear. “If… If we tell you everything we know, will you really let us go?” stammered the old man.

“You’ll be released—you have my word,” Tao smirked. “Tell us, who killed those four young people and where they ran off to? I believe you guys must still be in contact with them, right?”

“I… I’ll tell you!” A middle-aged man gritted his teeth, raised his hand, and forced out, “It… It was Jack. We saw him kill that young man with our own eyes.”

“Jack?” Tao frowned and looked at Louis next to him after he heard what the man said. “Master Freeman, he sounds rather familiar, no?”

Louis thought about it and also frowned. “It does, indeed, but I just can’t put my finger on it right now.”

The middle-aged man immediately spoke in order to keep his family alive, “Jack is the man who married our family’s young miss, and the Nine Great Gods of War attended their wedding. He’s the exclusive doctor of the Nine Great Gods of War, so he’s in a rather genial relationship with them!”

Tao sharply inhaled at that. “It’s that guy. I remember it now! Years ago, one of the people from your family, Ivan Taylor, offended my son’s fiancee, who’s also Freeman’s family master’s daughter, Snow. However, my son didn’t plan to kill Ivan. Instead, he assigned a quota for your Taylor family to join the war…”

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