No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0970

The middle-aged man from the Taylor family swallowed his saliva and fearfully stammered, “Guys, do… Do you still have questions to ask? If not, can…can we leave?”

Tao thought about it before pulling Louis to the other side and spoke, “Master Freeman, why don’t we release these people? After all, we promised that we’ll release them once they tell us everything that they know.”

“Release them?” Master Freeman smiled coldly. “Elder Lambert, you promised to release them, but I didn’t. However, you needn’t worry as I’ll be the one to kill them—you won’t even need to lift a finger. That way, you won’t be breaking your promise, right?”

Tao thought about it and offered, “Killing these people means nothing as we won’t get our revenge. Why don’t we let them go and have them inform us when Jack and the others contact them? Since we’re letting them go, it’s likely that they’d be indebted to us and do just that! If you kill them, on the other hand, the other Taylors would hide from us when they know about this.” Tao paused before he added, “By then, it’d be even difficult for us to find this Jack.”

“Fine” It did make sense to Louis after mulling it over. He then walked toward the captured Taylor family members and remarked, “I can let you guys go, but you must tell me if Jack contacts any of you. I’ll handsomely reward you at least a hundred million if there are any valid leads. I’ll even pay one billion if the lead proves to be useful to us!”

“Yes, yes, we’ll surely contact you if there are any leads. After all, it’s all because of Jack that we’re in this situation today!” The middle-aged man nodded vehemently, inwardly relieved at the opportunity to leave.

“Leave,” Louis waved his hand dismissively.

The Taylor family members immediately ran away as though afraid they would change their minds and kill them instead.

“Jack and Selena? I don’t believe it. I’ll get you people, sooner or later!” Louis gritted his teeth, furious at the turn of events.

“Master Freeman, we’ve at least received some intel, right? Now, we have a rough picture of what went down. Seems like Jack’s got quite the skills to have slain the group of four—my son and three others.” Tao walked over to pat Louis by his shoulder and assessed the situation. “Apart from that, there’s something else that we’re sure of: That guy is really talented, and that means we need to find him soon and kill him. It’ll be difficult to kill him in several years after he grows!”

“Yes, you’re right, but that guy is really cunning as well. He asked most of the Taylors to run away by themselves after they took the money. To be honest, he’s afraid that too many people would draw attention. Hence, it’d be difficult to find him. The Nine Provinces are so big, and it’d be very easy to hide several people.”

Louis smiled bitterly. “It’s alright if they remain in the country, but it’ll be burdensome to look for them if they leave.”

“Sigh… There’s nothing else we can do aside from looking for them. Search the nearby cities and townships. We also need to search further south!” Tao sighed. “At least we know that they’re hiding from us—they’re not that powerful though they’re good, it seems. Otherwise, they won’t be afraid of us coming to search for them.”


In a villa in Swallow City, Peace Chaffman felt rejuvenated at last after taking a bath and a nap, relieved after being terrified down to the core.

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