No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0971

“Damn, the warriors of the Chaffman family must kill him as soon as they can. It doesn’t matter if they waste few bodyguards, those two warriors were comparable to a six-star King of War. And he dared to kill them. How do I explain it to my family?” After Peace finished speaking, he said again: “It’s more than just those women now. I have to tell my father that they must come out and deal with this problem!”

After thinking about it, soon he took a few bodyguards and drove to a huge manor.

This is the place where the Chaffman family often live, and the previous villa is just a place where Peace Chaffman occasionally lives outside for freedom.

Of course, it is also where he enjoyed finding beautiful women when he is free, but because his father and some elders don’t like it, he often does those things behind their backs.

As for the people of the Chaffman family, under normal circumstances as long as Peace would not cause too much trouble, they would chose to have a blind eye on him.

“Oh, young master, why are you back today?”

Just after he was getting off the car, when a member of the Chaffman family came forward and greeted him.

Peace saw this maid, and walked up in two steps, and then patted her ass: “It’s been a long time, Sara, your figure is really getting better and better, I will be free next time. Let the young master appreciate it, hows that sound?”

“Young master, you must be joking, you don’t lack beautiful womens are you? I am always here. Do you just not have any right now?” The maid looked shy, but you can read between the lines on her words and its full of hints.

After all, although Peace likes women, he is generous in his shots. Everyone knows that as long as he can have a good night with her, the money she gets will be enough for them to spend for a lifetime. Sometimes he just shoots casually and spends millions.

That is why some maids do not dislike Peace Chaffman’s hands-on exercises, but even look forward and anticipate it.

“Sara, am I thinking about you now?”

Peace gave a smirk, and then said: “Clean up a little bit tonight, then come to my room secretly, I will discuss life with you, how about it?”

“Master, you’re too bad, I will ignore you!” Sara said in false modesty, her face flushed and she ran off happily. It seems they have a chance tonight.

Soon, Peace came to the living room of a large villa.

At this time, the Patriarch of the Chaffman family and the old master of the Chaffman family were playing chess in the living room, and several elders were also watching.

“Why are you back? The sun must really be rising from the west! And here I thought you didn’t know that you were in the Chaffman family anymore!”

Old Master Chaffman looked at Peace who entered the door, and couldn’t help but smile: “That’s right, I heard that you called out our two of the dark guards of the Chaffman family to go out with you. Have you met a big trouble?”

“Great trouble, grandpa, those two dark guards are dead!”

Peace lowered his head and gritted his teeth, and said softly.

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