No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0972

There are very few who can become the dark guards of the Chaffman family, and those dark guards are all true masters.

At the very least, only people with a strength comparable to the four- and five-star King of Wars are qualified to become the dark guards of the Chaffman family.

Under normal circumstances, these people would not take action. Only when the Chaffman family encountered something big, then it would really be impossible not to take action.

Although the Chaffman family’s dark guards are very powerful, they are not many, at least a dozen in total.

Today, Mr. Chaffman came back from outside and heard that peace called two dark guards. He was still a little unhappy at the time. However, thinking about it and he let it slide, after all, he is his grandson, he is afraid that he has fallen in love with a woman again outside.

But unexpectedly, Peace actually said that the two dark guards were dead?.

“Are you telling the Truth? You said that two Dark guards are dead?”

Chaffman family members all looked over, and even the Chaffman family Patriarch couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

After all, those who can kill the dark guards of the Chaffman family will certainly not have bad combat effectiveness. The key is that the opponent killed two hidden Dark guards, Even if they knew they were from the Chaffman family, they dared to kill. This time, It seems that his son has offended a larger force.

“Yes, it’s true!” Peace nodded.

He knew that there was no way to hide this. Even if the captain or the leader of their regular bodyguard died it would be fine. If you have money, you can recruit at any time.

Moreover, in Swallow city, people often die. This is also very common.

But if a dark guard dies, it would be a great loss to the Chaffman family.

Old Master Chaffman exhaled heavily, and then slowly stood up, looked at Peace, and then said with a cold face: “I am spoiling you too much, you usually take the bodyguards to go out and show off. We don’t bother to care about it, we just ask you not to offend the big forces. Look at you, this time you must have provoked some big forces.” At this point, Old master Chaffman paused before asking: “Tell me about it, which force have you provoked?, Which family?”

“What kind of force are they, in fact, I don’t know very well…” After Peace thought about it, it was unexpected.


The people of the Chaffman family stared at them with big eyes, completely stunned.

“You didn’t even figure out what kind of power they were, and you let our Chaffman family’s Dark guards die?and two of them?” The Chaffman family’s patron was speechless. They suffered a huge loss that in the end his son would pay.

“They are not powerful forces. I only know that there is a man named Jack, a woman named Selena, and a woman wearing a mask!

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