No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0973

After thinking about it, Peace said: “The man and the woman wearing the mask are quite skilled. The other one is called Selena and seems to be an ordinary person. They are definitely not the opponents of our two dark guards. Our dark guards and many of our bodyguards were killed by a forty or fifty year old guy who was their bodyguard captain!”

“The bodyguard captain was so powerful?”

Old master Chaffman frowned, and asked again: “The two dark guards you brought over, how strong are they?”

“Their strengths are comparable to those of the Six-Star King of War. I didn’t expect
they would be killed so easily! I guess that the captain of the bodyguard must be comparable to the fighting power of the Seven-Star or Eight-Star King of War!”

Peace smiled bitterly, as he was speaking.


Old master Chaffman was even more furious, pointing at Peace with his finger: “This time, it was two such powerful dark guards who died. My God, you offended someone high, at least They are From second-rate families, right?”

“Grandpa, I didn’t intend to, I didn’t expect that the other party was so powerful, what should I do now? In my opinion, we must kill the other party, otherwise, I am afraid it will make people laugh at the Chaffmans!”

Peace couldn’t help but urge.

An elder from the Chaffman family actually opened his mouth after thinking about it.

“Did you think that the opponent’s bodyguard captain can kill two strong men like them? Is there any other strong man on the other side? Although our Chaffman family is strong, it can only be regarded as a second-rate family. If we continue to investigate this matter, even if the opponent has only one strong man comparable to a Seven-Star or Eight-Star King of War, if the opponent is desperate, it can kill many of us! At that time, our strength will also be weakened. Quite a lot!”

After thinking about it, a young man from the chaffman family said: “But, if this matter is spread, wouldn’t we really be laughed at? Besides, I’ve never heard of them. Who is Jack White? This Jack is very powerful!”

After finishing speaking, he asked Peace again: “Master, then you should know, how big is the place where the other party lives?”

“It’s not very big either. Just around 20 townhouses that are walled in. I feel like it’s a small force and I haven’t seen many bodyguards!” After thinking about it, Peace said again: “However, the masked woman is also very powerful, because Caleb Quinton also offended her. Later, Master Quinton’s second uncle, Hunter Quinton, wanted to help him, but the masked woman gave him a severe lesson.”

“Hunter?” The old master of the Chaffman family frowned, “He is a three-star King of War. It seems that the woman you are talking about is probably also a powerful fighter with combat effectiveness comparable to a four-star and five-star Queen of War. It’s at least certain that the older guy and this woman are not people to provoke!”

“You can’t act rashly, because right now we don’t know the details of the other party. If we act rashly, we may regret it!” After that, the Chaffman family was silent for a while, he said: “Don’t trouble them, okay? I will send someone to investigate the matter, at least to figure out what the other party is. If it is a big power from somewhere else that comes here on vacation, we will not provoke them.”

“Grandpa is right. It is indeed necessary to investigate the other party to find out the details of the other party, and wait until we know the situation of the other party before
doing anything!” Peace smiled awkwardly, although he wanted to attack now, he had to regard what the old man said.

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