No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0974

“Jack, will the Chaffman family come to trouble us?”

At night, Selena and Jack lay on the bed, frowning, Selena Asked worriedly.

After all, this Chaffman family is much better than that of Caleb’s. This is a second-rate family, and this second-rate family in Swallow City must be much more powerful than the second-rate families in Eastfield. The two are completely incomparable.

“It depends on them, if they’re wise or unwise. If they know that there is such a strong man on our side and they dare to come and die, then I can’t help it. If they are wise enough, they dare not act rashly! After all It hasn’t been long since I first came to Swallow City. They shouldn’t even know who we are and what the situation is!”

Jack laughed, but said rather indifferently.

“That’s true too!” Selena smiled, then layed on Jack’s chest, and raised her head again to ask: “Then, husband, when will you go and see your father?”

Jack smiled bitterly: “Wait for a while, I’m still investigating other things here, there is a dragon scale in this Swallow city. I happen to be interested in this matter, so I plan to wait and investigate!”

“Is that right? Is there really a dragon in this world?” After Selena heard this, she frowned, “Are you sure, that it’s a dragon scale, not some other animal scale?”

“Selena, in this world, not only do dragons exist, but I believe you will still have a chance to see them in the future!” Jack said with a smile.

“Really? I’d be afraid if I saw one. It is a legendary animal after all. I don’t know what it looks like, just that it can eat people!”

Selena also laughed, but didn’t take it seriously.

“I am a dragon, I am going to eat you now!”

Jack laughed and turned over, pressing Selena under him.

Selena’s face flushed, shyly, but Jack kissed her down.

At this moment, in the White family, the Ninth Patronum Brenton White soon came to Lily Lagorio.

Seeing Brenton coming, Lily couldn’t wait to ask.

“How is it? I let you arrange a few more people to kill Jack, how are you doing? Now that you know where they live, go straight and kill them, it won’t take much time, right?”

Brenton smiled bitterly, and then said: “Madam, Jack and others are no longer in Eastfield, they left!”

“What? they left?” After Lily heard this, she stood up quickly: ” Where did they go? Do you know?”

“I don’t know yet. Our people just got there and found that the building was empty, and then inquired about it. Only then did they discover that Jack had offend a lot of powerful
forces. After our people were killed, a group of foreign powers came in, but the kid still killed them. Moreover, he also offended a force in Gin City, the Lambert family. That is why they secretly left Eastfield!”

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