No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0975

Brenton smiled bitterly after reporting this.

“They left Eastfield secretly?”

Lily frowned: “This kid, after offending these forces in Gin City, would he come to our White family? There is no where to go, he is likely to go to the White family to win the White family’s protection!”

“I don’t know this, it is said that he secretly left the city at night, but in which direction they went, our people are not sure, I am worried now whether they are coming to the White family or not. If they are, it is very likely that they will be here in two days!” Brenton replied. He is also a little worried, after all, he has been getting money secretly, he also got a lot of benefits from Lily Lagorio.

It is not just for a year or two, but more than ten years. Now if Jack comes back, the Patriarch of the White family would surely know that he didn’t give Jack any money or any resources, then Lord White would be the first one to kill him.

At the beginning, the Lagorio family was big, and the young master’s talent was amazing. They all thought he was definitely the heir of the White family’s paternal master. Jack would definitely not have the chance to come back. That’s why he dared to be so bold and dare to do things for Lily.

Unexpectedly, such a sudden change happened now, all of which made him worry.

Originally, He was thinking that if he found Jack and killed him, the events of these years will definitely not be revealed. He did not expect that the person who had been sent to do this would be eliminated and even more that Jack and others would secretly leave Eastfield.

“We can’t let this kid come to the White family!”

Lily was also a little worried. After thinking about it, she said, “You go and send some more people. You can arrange for them for an ambush. After all there are only a few main roads towards the White family villa. Once you find Jack, and others, immediately kill them! You can’t let them come to White’s house alive, otherwise, they will be trouble for us!”

Brenton nodded immediately, and went to arrange someone.

However, just after two steps, Lily stopped him: “Remember that these people you arrange must listen to you. These things must be kept secret.”

“Okay, Madam!” Brenton turned around and then rushed out. He must arrange for someone as soon as possible. Otherwise, if they failed, Jack and others would arrive in the White family and it would be very difficult for them to kill Jack.

The next morning, Lana found Jack.

“Master, we have investigated everywhere and have not found any useful news. We only know that he had stayed in a hotel before and said he had contacted people from some underground forces. Under what circumstances? I don’t really know!”

Lana looked at Jack, her eyes full of solemnity.

“He has been in contact with people from the underground forces? Could it be that this dragon scale is in the hands of someone from the underground forces?”

Jack said after thinking about it, “These people from the underground forces have not done any serious business. However, since your brother said that this is a trap, I believe that the other party will definitely contact us and will find a way to find us!”

“You mean that we don’t have to worry?” Lana thought for a while.

“Well, just send someone to investigate around. I believe that the other party will take the initiative to contact us, but our people must also investigate, otherwise, they won’t find our contact!”

Jack said: “I want to see who it is that dares to oppose me, in this world, besides a real hidden family, I’m not afraid of any others!”

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