No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0976

At this moment, a bodyguard ran over and said to Jack: “Master, there are two beauties looking for you outside. By the way, they also ask for Miss Selena and Master Lana!”

“Looking for the three of us?”

Jack frowned, quickly called Selena, and they went out together.

After arriving at the gate, Jack discovered that it turned out to be two celebrities living next door. Perhaps because they were close together, the two of them came over this time without calling any bodyguards.

“Hello ladies, is there anything going on? Come in and sit down.” Jack smiled and said to Blake and Tianna in front of him.

“We can’t go in and sit. We are here to thank you for saving us last time and Invite you out for a meal. it would be such an honor!” Blake smiled shyly. She looked at Jack with embarrassment.

“Well, since it was you who took the initiative to invite, how can we refuse it? Besides, it is our honor to be able to eat with two big stars!” Jack nodded and agreed.

“Let’s go, We don’t need to bring bodyguards if you’re coming, it would be more comfortable that way.” Tianna stretched out and smiled.

“Do we need to drive?” Selena asked after thinking about it.

“No, there is a very good restaurant not far from here. When Blake and I are hungry, we like to eat there. The food and taste is very good!”

Tianna smiled and Blake led the way together.

Soon, they came to a very nice restaurant.

Along the way, many people couldn’t help but secretly took out their phones to take pictures after seeing them.

Especially Jack, obviously he became the object of envy and hatred by everyone. After all, among the five people, he is the only man, and the other four are all first-class beauties.

Even if Jack went out with Selena and Lana in normal times, that would attract extremely envious eyes. What’s more, there are two A-list celebrities as well.

“Damn, who is that man? He was actually with Blake Knight and Tianna Scott. These two beautiful stars are rarely seen out!”

Many guests started to talk while sitting down to eat. This scene is very rare.

They think that this guy is a super wealthy young master of an aristocratic family. Only those young masters that have billions in wealth can be qualified to engage and date these two beautiful stars.

Another middle-aged man couldn’t help but said, “Blake and Tianna don’t have any scandals. Female stars like them are rare in the entertainment industry. They are special.”

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