No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0979

Several of these people were not spared in the quick attack of Jack and Lana, and the remaining few who were not dead was due to the mercy of Jack and Lana.

“You two are incredible!” Both Blake and Tianna took a deep breath, and were completely startled by the fighting power of Jack and Lana. They really are powerful. It’s hard to see them even move.

“it ‘s just a trivial thing.” Jack smiled at the two ladies, and then said directly to the guys lying on the ground: “My name is Jack White, go back and tell Director Holt to not bother Miss Knight and Miss Scott in the future. They’re my good friends. If something happens to them, his life will not be spared!”

Blake and Tianna behind them looked at Jack as he ushered out his commands. They were taken aback by the way he handled himself with such authority. And even more so grateful as this was the second time he saved them.

“Let’s go back.” Jack turned around and smiled before leaving with the ladies.

After Jack left, one of the guys called Director Holt directly: “Master Holt, shit, it’s was hell, that masked woman and that man are so amazing, we are not his equals at all. Our people didn’t even have the power to fight back, so they killed more than half of them, leaving only a few people alive, and the injuries are serious!”

“No way? That powerful?”

Young Master Holt looked ugly. He was so angry that he clenched his fists: “Who is this man who dares to fight against our Holt family? I can forget it the first time, but the second time is the limit. I must kill him!”

“Master Holt, The kid said that his name is Jack White, and he told us to tell you that Blake and Tianna are his friends. If you bother them again, he won’t spare your life!” The bodyguard frowned, then hesitated.

“Won’t spare my life?”

Young Master Holt almost vomited blood out of anger: “This guy is really looking for death! I don’t believe this Jack, a person who I have never heard of, dare to mess with us. We are a third-rate family, right?”

After finishing speaking, Master Holt quickly hung up the phone and went back to the Holt’s house.

After arriving at the residence, he directly found an old man and said to the old man: “Old man, don’t forget what you said at the beginning, you owe me a favor, now is the time to pay it back!”

The old man’s hair was a little gray. Nodded: “Actually, I wanted to pay back your favor a long time ago, so if I pay back your favor, I won’t owe you!”

“Well, this is what you said, you are the Seven Star King of War, I believe you. This time, I will definitely not be disappointed! I want you to help me kill a few people, and also catch a woman!” Young Master Holt smiled and said to the old man.

“No problem!” The old man nodded without thinking.

“Fine, let’s go!”

Young Master Holt directly took the old man, and called seven or eight of the Holts masters, and drove together, heading directly to the place where Blake and Tianna lived.

“Four women and one man?” As soon as the car arrived outside the villa where Jack and others lived, Master Holt saw the five people who had just returned from a walk slowly, and his eyes lit up: “The other woman is actually very Beautiful!”

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