No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0980

When he heard what Young Master Holt said, the old man next to him looked slightly ugly, with a bit of contempt.

What he hates most is men bullying women, but when he thought about the fact that he really owes a lot of favor to the Holt family, he finally got out of the car with him.

“Who is this again?” Jack couldn’t help frowning after seeing the other party from a distance.

“Young Master Holt is here, it’s Director Holt. This is really fast!”

Blake looked at him and her face sank.

“He came just in time. I will save him from having to worry about messing with women. This time, I will make him a eunuch, to teach him a lesson not to provoke women!”

Jack smiled coldly and rubbed his fist, looking ahead with a smile.

“Boy, today you are dead! You dare to fight against Young Master Holt, you are really brave!”

Young Master Holt came to Jack not far away, stopped, sneered and looked at Tianna. Selena and Lana: “Well, boy, there are really many beauties around you. Although I have lost a lot of people today, the gain is still good. Not only do we have Blake, but also these three now!”

Jack looked at the people in front of him, his eyes full of disdain.

“Are you sure about this? You brought more than 20 people here before, and none of them were my opponents. This time you brought even more trash. You want to bury them too?”

“Boy, you really have no eyes, this old man, that is a Seven Star King of War, he can kill you a hundred times by himself!”

Young Master Holt laughed loudly: “How many of my men did you kill?”

“Seven-star King of War? Are you the King of War?”

Jack looked at the old man and couldn’t help frowning: “I didn’t expect a dignified 7-star King of War to go with this kind of rubbish! It really is disappointing.”

The corners of the old man’s mouth twitched slightly, his face was a bit ugly for an instant, and then he said: “Boy, I can only blame you for the bad luck. When I was on the battlefield, I had no time to estimate my power. You must know though, the Holt Family Patriarch helped me bury my wife after she died. I owe their family a favor. Therefore, I am here today to pay back the favor.”

At this point, the old man looked at Young Master Holt and said to Jack: “Although, I can’t understand what this kid did, but I promised his family a favor, and naturally I will do what I say.”

“Okay, when you fight today, you have paid back the favor, right? Even if you can’t beat me, right?” Jack smiled lightly.

“I’m a dignified Seven-Star King of War, and I can’t beat you, such a young boy?” After hearing this, the old man laughed, “You boy, you don’t treat us as the same thing.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can try me!” Jack smiled coldly, and hooked his finger at the other party.

“Huh!” The old man said no more. After a cold snort, he turned his palm toward Jack and built internal energy and pushed his palm toward them. A terrible strong wind came straight to Jack, with a somewhat depressing momentum.

“Your combat power is really extraordinary!” When Jack saw it, he couldn’t help being surprised. Although this old man said he was the Seven-Star King of War, his combat power was probably comparable to some Eight-Star Kings of War. Nonetheless he easily avoided the opponent’s attack.

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