No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0981

“What?” The elder never expected Jack was faster than him and could evade his attack.

By the time he regained his focus, Jack had kicked his abdomen.

A dull sound was heard as the elder was sent backward several meters away. He stepped on the ground with his full strength to stabilize himself.

However, as he managed to stabilize himself, he felt a sweet taste that surged from his throat. He vomited a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.

“Impossible! What sort of power is this?” Dylan’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw the elder vomited blood. His mouth hung open so widely that it seemed as though his chin could touch the ground.

“Goodness! Even the seven-star King of War is no match for him?!” The other masters from the Wagner family were baffled at the outcome. That elder was their endgame, and he was the reason Dylan dared to act so rampantly. After all, this elder owed them a favor, and he planned to utilize that in a critical moment.

Dylan never used that favor all the while, but he had to use it this time as many of his family bodyguards were slain.

He never thought things would turn out differently.

“Ahh!” The elder gritted his teeth and flipped his palm. A sword appeared and he swung it toward Jack.

“Are we seriously fighting?” Jack had noticed the ring on the elder’s hand since early on. He estimated that it held a sword as these rings were small storage units. Not many people owned such rings, and not many people could use them.

Jack smiled coldly and flipped his wrist. His black sword appeared right after, and he swung it toward the elder.

Two powerful sword aura forces clashed against one another, yet an even more daunting gust of wind was released.

“Aah!” The strong wind caused many people to move backward. Selena could not stand straight and moved several steps backward from the scary impact.

The wind blew Blake’s dress up and showed her sexy long legs, to which she blushed embarrassingly.

Both strong energies fought each other.

Eventually, Jack’s sword aura gained the upper hand. The overwhelming power suppressed the opponent’s sword aura as the aura rushed through the elder.

A scary wound appeared on the elder’s chest. The elder flew outward and the blood from his wound painted a perfect curve in the sky.

The elder laid on the floor and was unable to stand up as he gasped for air.

Jack walked over and spoke with a cold smile on his face. “You can rest easy now, you’ve followed through your promise.”

“Haha… “ The elder smiled bitterly as he awaited his death. “It feels much better…now that I’ve done my end of the bargain…”

Jack ignored the elder. He swung his sword and the sword auras flew out toward the bodyguards, killing them in the process. Only Dylan—who was so frightened that his legs had turned to jelly—was left standing in front of Jack.


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