No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0982

“Young man, I…I’m the young master of a third-class aristocratic family! You can’t kill me!” Dylan’s legs turned into jelly in his bone-chilling fright. He wanted to escape but both his legs did not cooperate.

Jack flipped his hand and the black sword in his hand was nowhere to be seen. It had disappeared into thin air.

“I won’t kill you,” commented the indifferent Jack with a tight smile.

Dylan relaxed and smiled when he heard this. “And that’s a wise choice, my brother. It’s always better to have a friend than an enemy, right? From today onward, you are my brother, and we’ll be best friends. You should know that being friends with a third-class aristocratic family’s young master would only benefit you!”

Just as Dylan finished, Jack lifted his heel and slammed it against Dylan, breaking his balls.

“Aaargh!” Dylan immediately knelt in pain. The veins on his forehead popped due to the excruciating pain he was experiencing, and his complexion was extremely pale.

“I said that I won’t kill you, but I didn’t say that I won’t turn you into a eunuch!” Jack smiled coldly and loathingly added, “Now scram, you eunuch. You should stop fantasizing about women with this parting gift!”

“Young man, you…you’re going to regret this! Do you t—think our family is j—just an ordinary one?” On the verge of fainting, Dylan gritted his teeth as cold sweat kept appearing on his forehead. Though he struggled, he managed to get up, ordered a taxi, and left the scene.

“And he still dared threaten me after all that?” Jack laughed. He walked toward the elder and looked down at the other party.

“Do whatever you want. If I, Walter Lamington, frown, I’ll give up my surname!” The elder’s name was Walter Lamington. He laid on the ground and had shallow breathing. However, the look in his eyes was extremely firm.

The elder was surprised, however, when Jack took out a small pill instead and tossed it at him. “This is medication to cure your wound—your wound will heal speedily once you eat it. The favor you owed them has been paid. While you aided him in his despicable quest, you’re a person who values relationships and promises. I’m not going to kill you.”

“Thank… Thank you!” Walter gazed at Jack, rather astounded yet perplexed. He never held back when he attacked him. After all, he was a seven-star King of War and he thought that Jack would kill him to prevent any troubles in the future. He never anticipated a merciful Jack instead who handed him medication that could heal his wound instead of ending him.

Walter took the pill after he spoke.

“Thank you so much, Jack. We’ve troubled you so much this time!” Blake walked over and smiled at Jack. She expressed her gratitude once again.

Tianna, on the other hand, fretted at the outcome and softly reminded, “Jack, you might get into trouble for turning Dylan Wagner into a eunuch.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

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