No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0983

Tianna’s warning, however, did not even perturb Jack. “I know,” said Jack. “Their family is a third-class aristocratic family, right? I don’t really care much about these third-class families. You saw it too, that I’m not afraid of a seven-star King of War. Why would I be afraid of a third-class aristocratic family?”

“No, I’m afraid that their family is more than what you think.”

Unexpectedly, Tianna shook her head. “True, the Wagner family is indeed a third-class aristocratic family, but Dylan’s mother, Louisa Lowe belonged to a powerful family of the underground forces. This family is very powerful, but Louisa’s parents disliked Dylan’s father and disapproved of them. Therefore, they didn’t pay much attention to Louisa. They have a bad relationship and seldom keep in touch.”

Tianna paused before she explained, “Regardless, Dylan is still Louisa’s parents’ grandson. I believe they’d pay attention to what has happened and won’t ignore it, since it’s a rather serious incident.”

Jack’s face turned slightly solemn hearing Tianna’s words. “Never expected that trash bag would have such relationships. Still, I’ve always disliked underground forces. It doesn’t matter if they don’t cause us any trouble; I’ll teach them a lesson if they try anything funny.”

Tianna, anxious at his demeanor, persistently added, “Jack, I know that you’re very powerful, but you don’t know how big this underground force is. Not only do they have lots of people, but they have many masters with them as well. More importantly, they’re not powers from Swallow City—they’re daunting forces from Gin City!”

“I didn’t think they’d be related to Gin City!” Tianna assumed Jack was intimidated by the new information she offered, but he was only momentarily surprised before his expression watered down, completely calm and normal. “It’s okay. No matter what power they are, things will turn out the way they should be. I’ve hurt Dylan, and I can’t back away from that. Apart from that, do you think that it’ll make a difference if I go over and apologize? They’d kill me for sure.”

“That’s right!”

Lana smiled bitterly and said, “Alright then. You ladies should head in first—no need to worry about this or blame yourself about it. It’s Jack’s decision to make the other party a eunuch. It happened, so let it be.”

“Alright… We’ll head home now.” Blake looked at Jack before walking toward the gate that led to their villa with Tianna.

Jack and the remaining duo glanced at the old man on the ground before they left him there and entered their villa.

It was not long until the old man sat up and was shocked at his wound.

It was only a brief moment, yet his wound was almost completely healed. His wound no longer oozed blood as well! The pill Jack gave him was indisputably miraculous.

“Who is this man? Not only does he have such strong fighting power, but the healing pill he gave me is terrifyingly good as well. He’s even unfazed when he’s told that the Wagner family’s young master is related to the Gin City forces. Who are they?” Walter frowned, his mind overwhelmed with thoughts.

After sitting by the side for another hour, Walter was surprised to find that the wound on his body had completely healed.

After thinking quietly for a short moment, he walked toward the entrance of Jack’s house.

“I wish to see your master,” said Walter to one of the bodyguards solemnly.

“We saw what happened just now. You can’t defeat our master, but it’s good enough that he spared you. Are you trying to cause trouble again?”

One of the bodyguards gave a tight smile as he ushered, “You should go—”

“No, I’m not here to cause trouble—the previous me is dead. I’m thankful to your master for sparing my life, and my life belongs to him from now on. I’m willing to serve your master,” declared the serious yet determined Walter.

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