No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0984

Walter was brought in to meet Jack.

“You really want to join our family?” questioned Jack as he took out a cigarette, leisurely lighting it up, and smoked. “Think of what you’re getting into. I’ve got bad blood with too many people, and Dylan’s mother is related to some underground forces from Gin City. They might come looking for me soon. Are you still willing to work for me under such circumstances?”

Unexpectedly, Walter nonchalantly replied, “Since when am I, Walter Lamington, ever afraid of death? When I was fighting with you, I understood the difference between our strengths after I vomited blood as a result of your assault, but I never gave in and stood my ground till I nearly died. I’ve made up my mind before I came to fight you, knowing that either you or me has to go.”

Walter paused before he added, “I just didn’t expect that you’d spare me, seeing that I went rather all-out on you. I see in you a good man, and it’ll be a pleasure working for you.”

Jack chuckled, satisfied at his answer. Walter was a true man, no doubt. “Since you’ve said so, then I’ll agree to it. I’ll be upfront with you though, that the salary I offer is low. What do you think of twenty thousand a month?”

“Money doesn’t matter; all I need is food. I’m not lacking money, you see.” Walter arched his hand at Jack. “Thank you, Master, for taking in me regardless of what happened previously. I promise to do my best.”

“This is great! We have another master in our ranks!” Elaine smiled, elated at the outcome.

“Elaine, bring him away and arrange accommodation for him,” Jack waved his hands and asked Elaine to bring Walter away.

Dylan went straight to the hospital by taxi. After the doctor did the diagnostics, they had no other choice but to undergo a resection operation. Dylan, true enough, became a eunuch.

Not long after the surgery was completed, the Wagner family members took him back and prepared private doctors for him.

Looking at Dylan who was lying on a bed, the Wagner family master, Kane Wagner balled his fists tightly with a stormy expression.

“How dare the bastard do this to my son?! Doesn’t he know that our family is not one to be trifled with?” Kane held his fists so tightly and gritted his teeth tightly.

“A peculiar incident, it is. Although we’re a third-class aristocratic family, those who know our situation won’t wish to provoke us; this applies to even second-class aristocratic families. After all, everybody knows that Madam comes from a very strong family!” Another Wagner family’s elder thought about it and muttered in confusion.

“That bastard’s got guts. I only have one son, and the Wagner family only has one son too. He dared abolish my son and made him into a eunuch! Does he want the Wagner family to end with Dylan?” Louisa was also extremely afraid. The current master of the Wagner family, Kane was already old, and there was no way for them to bear another child.

The Wagner family only had one lone seedling, yet something so unfortunate happened to him. It was impossible for the Wagners to not be furious.

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