No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0986

“There’s trouble, Master. I realized that there’s someone monitoring our movements around the house!”

Walter came before Jack the next day, reporting with a solemn expression.

Jack, who was drinking tea in the garden, did not seem to care. He gave a wan smile. “Then who do you think it is?” he asked.

“It must be from the Wagner family. They were afraid that we would take off. But they didn’t attack us because they don’t have proper fighters in their family. They are a third-class aristocratic family after all. Aside from me, their best fighters are those who are the same level as a three-star King of War. That’s why they don’t dare to attack!

“As for the fighter from the Lowe family, it’ll take him at least a day to rush over from Gin City. That’s why the Wagner family is keeping tabs on us, they’re afraid that we’ll run away!”

After Walter said all that, he asked Jack, “What should we do now, Master?”

Jack gestured for him to sit down. “Skyler had already told me about this,” he said slowly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. We just won’t go out for these two days and wait for them to come. Don’t worry, we won’t have to run away. It’ll be fine so long as we stay put!”

“All right!”

Walter nodded his head. He felt as though the longer he knew Jack, the less he knew about the man. He only learned that Skyler was an eight-star King of War after he came in, yet a man of his status was willing to stay by Jack’s side—willing to fight for Jack. The b*stard was probably far stronger than a nine-star King of War or was at least as strong as one.

Only, there was no way that there were no rumors about someone as frighteningly strong as him, and this made Walter confused. Someone like him would have a powerful presence in Gin City, what more a place like Swallow City.

At that moment, the Chaffman family quickly got the news.

One of the men came before Master Chaffman. “Master, we heard that Jack and his family were not from our city,” he said. “They’re probably from another city, but we don’t know which one. Still, they must have come from outside. We also did some investigations. He provoked the Wagner family recently, and now their young master is rendered infertile!”

“Really? Dylan had been rendered infertile by Jack?”

Master Chaffman was slightly taken aback after he heard that. “That punk is bold. Not only is he not afraid of us, he actually dared to do something like that to Young Master Wagner…”

Peace, who was standing to the side, loosened a small breath of relief as he heard this. He had been fortunate; if Jack had been in a bad mood the other day and rendered him infertile as well in a fit of recklessness, he would never see the light of day again.

However, Peace quickly thought of something, and his eyes brightened. “Eh, doesn’t the Wagner family have a seven-star King of War? Will they find trouble with Jack?”

After he said that, his expression darkened. “Doesn’t seem probable though. There’s an eight-star King of War in that punk’s house. Even if the Wagner family send their King of War over, he still wouldn’t be a match!”

“Master Wagner had sent that seven-star King of War over. I heard that he received a fatal stab wound. He’s most likely dead!”

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