No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0987

The man who made the report could not help but twist his lips into a bitter smile. A fighter as strong as that would have a significant presence, and plenty of people would be pandering to him. Yet he had been killed by that punk.

“Hold on. Was the seven-star King of War killed by the eight-star King of War from the White family, or someone else?”

Peace quickly thought of something and asked hurriedly.

“He was killed by Jack White!”

The man replied.

When they heard this, Peace exchanged a glance with his father. They both took a sharp intake of breath. Jack’s fighting prowess must be no joke. Luckily they had not acted rashly. His fighting ability as well as that King of War’s were terrifying enough, never mind the masked woman. The woman seemed like she was no pushover as well.

“Jack is not easy to deal with. Thank God we didn’t act rashly!”

The old master of the Chaffman family considered the situation, then he spoke, “The Wagner family has only one son, and he’s infertile now—it’s a great loss to them. There has not been a child from the Wagner family for so many years, and now they probably won’t have a next-generation. That’s why the Wagner family will definitely avenge their son. We just need to stand by and watch!”

“Mmhmm. Master Wagner’s wife is from the Lowe family, who happens to be a significant secret powerhouse in Gin City. They’ll definitely bring plenty of skilled fighters. We just don’t know if the White family will choose to run away if they find out that the Wagner family is out for them!”

Master Chaffman added after a moment of silence.

“If everything goes well, the people from the Lowe family will be arriving by tomorrow morning. We can go over tomorrow to survey the situation from afar in the pretense of going out shopping. I’m sure that Jack and his men are done for this time.”

Old Master Chaffman’s lips curved into a cold smile. “After all, Old Master Lowe and his wife are as strong as nine-star Kings of War. And they have plenty of fighters aside from themselves. There are probably nearly a hundred people who have the strength of a King of War.”

“Excellent. We won’t need to spare a single man like this, and we’ll get to witness Jack being brought to his knees. F*ck. I’ll definitely record the entire thing in secret tomorrow for posterity!”

Peace’s heart leaped in delight after he heard all this. He could not kill Jack himself, but the idea that he would be able to see that man die, made him excited all the same.

However, the only thing he would regret was the two beautiful women Jack had, whose looks were out of this world. He would never get the chance to bed them after this.

Young Master Chaffman never gave up a woman he wanted. Usually, cash was enough to buy them over—so long as he gave enough, they would gladly throw themselves into his arms.

He never thought that he would fail so miserably this time. It was probably the worst failure he had ever experienced in his entire life.

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