No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0988

The next morning, the Chaffman family set out early to a street that was near to Jack and his family’s house. They quickly found themselves seats at a snack shop, watching the villa before them as they ate.

Anticipation swelled within Peace. He kept staring at the villa’s entrance, now free of chaos. He was well aware that the peace was temporary—the calm before the storm.

After the clock hit ten, a few men from the Wagner family came over, along with over 200 fighters from Gin City.

“They’re here, they’re here. Quick! Inform the master!”

The two bodyguards noticed the retinue from afar and immediately cried out, running.

Jack made everyone else hide in the house. He took Lana, Skyler, Walter, Pendragon, Dennis, and a few dozen other men to the empty space before the villa’s gates, waiting for the enemy to arrive.

“I never thought you’d be here waiting for us!”

Master Wagner burst into laughter when he saw this.

“Are you the b*stard who dared to do something like that to my grandson? Do you have a death wish?”

There was an old man whose hair had gone completely white. He slapped a hand against the head of the stone lion at the entrance, which was at least half as tall as a man.

A sharp crack rang out, and that frightening stone lion broke apart, shattering into little pieces.


Walter could not help but exclaimed when he saw that. The old man looked like he was giving a light slap, but there was so much strength in his hand. It seemed that he was an extremely formidable fighter.

“How are you still alive, Walter?”

Kane huffed after he noticed Walter’s presence, “Why are you standing on their side? Are you telling me that you wish to make an enemy out of the Wagner family?”

“B*stard! You traitorous snake!”

Louisa grew even more furious and snarled at Walter.

Walter was angry as well after he heard that. “What are you talking about, Kane Wagner? Do you wish for me to die?” he snapped. “I owed the Wagner family debt, and now that I’ve cleared my debt, I don’t owe you anything anymore. I didn’t sell myself to you. It’s my choice to follow Jack White!”

“Fine. You asked for it, Walter. You can’t blame us for anything that happens since you have a death wish!”

Louisa gave a cold smile. “It seems like you’re not aware of just how strong my family is. We have two fighters who are as strong as nine-star Kings of War, and there are nearly a hundred men who have the strength of Kings of War. How are you going to beat all of us?”

“If that’s what you say, Walter, it seems like we’ll just have to get rid of you!”

Kane also huffed at Walter.

“Since I’ve already decided to follow Master Jack, I’ve set aside my fear of death long ago.”

Walter lifted his chin, speaking without an ounce of care.

“I’ll kill this traitor first!”

The old man from the Lowe family clenched his fists. He stamped a foot against the ground and launched himself straight at Walter.

“No way you’ll kill one of my men without me saying so!”

Jack flashed a mirthless smile and clenched his fist. He slammed a foot against the ground and rushed out.

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll be happy to oblige!”

The old man gave a wry smile. Bloodlust surged in his gaze as he saw Jack rushing forward. He threw a fist toward the younger man.

“Back at you!”

In the face of his opponent’s powerful strike, Jack threw out his own fist without hesitation, and their attacks clashed.

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