No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0989

A powerful force erupted, and a frightening wave of energy rushed out from the fist, a result of a shockwave.


The old man quickly sensed the terrifying amount of strength in Jack’s fist. Terror filled his eyes.

He flew a few meters back before stopping. Blood spat out of his mouth.


Louisa cried out when she saw that the old man was injured, not believing the sight before her.

Her father was as strong as a nine-star King of War. Nearly everyone deferred to him in Gin City, yet he was injured by just that one blow from the punk.

“I’ll forget everything that happened if all of you leave now. But if you don’t, and if you keep causing trouble, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Jack laced his fingers behind his back, speaking in a lofty tone.

“What should we do? This punk…”

The old woman immediately stepped forward and asked the old man.

“I’m fine. It’s just that he has a good arm!”

The old man glared at Jack and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. “It shouldn’t be a problem for us to kill them, considering our numbers,” he said. “This punk just wants to scare us off!”

The old woman nodded her head. “I think so too. And he’s even giving us a chance. He wouldn’t be saying anything of that sort if he truly had the ability. He’s afraid to get into a fight with us!”

“That’s right. He must have thrown all of his strength into that one punch earlier, and Dad hadn’t expected him to be so strong, so he didn’t use his full strength! He only got injured because he underestimated that punk!”

Louisa nodded her head as well, thinking that her parents’ deduction made sense.

“Seems like you chose death!”

Jack chuckled and spoke in a cold voice after he heard their discussion.

“Did you really think I was frightened? Did you think you could scare us?”

The old man chuckled. He flipped his palm, and a sword appeared in his grip. “You’re strong, but you might not necessarily know how to use sword aura!”

The old woman flipped her palm as well, another sword appearing in her grip. “Don’t forget, you little brat, that both of us are as strong as nine-star Kings of War,” she said, a cold smile on her lips. “Can you beat the two of us alone? Besides, out of the 200 odd men we have here, almost a hundred are as strong as Kings of War. How can you hope to match us?”

“That’s right. They can’t beat us with the few people they have now!”

A young man stood up, a sword in his hand. He hollered with a ferocious bite to his tone.

“Then why don’t you try us?”

Lana chuckled and flipped her palm. A purple sword appeared in her grip.

“That sword!”

Walter took a sharp intake of breath when he saw the sword. Was that not the weapon of choice of Lana Zechs, the Goddess of War? And this masked woman was named Lana as well.

He had not thought much about it before, thinking that they happened to share the same name. Now only did he realize that the masked woman was, in fact, Lana Zechs.

He had heard long ago that she was a beauty as well. Why did he not put two and two together?

He looked at Jack. Walter grew even more excited. There was only one man who could make the Goddess of War follow him—and that was the Supreme Warrior!

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