No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0990

Walter was extremely excited when the idea appeared in his head—Jack, the Supreme Warrior! No one had ever seen his face before, and even his name was not known. Yet he had the chance to meet the Supreme Warrior, to witness his skills and fight alongside him.

He would have never dreamed of something like that, but now he was in such close proximity with the Supreme Warrior.

If Jack was truly the Supreme Warrior, he would be able to take out all these people in front of him with ease. Plus, he would not need to even use his full strength—it would be as easy as breathing for him.

However, he knew that the Supreme Warrior was someone who liked to keep a low profile. It was likely the reason why he had kept his identity a secret in the first place. No one knew his name all this while, although he had contributed greatly to the nation.

“Walter, why are you staring into space?”

Skyler noticed that Walter was staring at Jack, and palpable excitement flashed in the man’s eyes, so he chided the younger man.

“Oh. I’m sorry!”

Walter snapped back into his senses and quickly flipped his palm, taking out his own sword.

“Go for the head first!”

The old man attacked Jack first, slashing his sword.

He clearly had good technique. The sword aura was practically a solid object, emanating a sense of sheer ruthlessness. The attack was amplified tenfold from the technique alone.


In the face of this attack, Jack simply flashed a wan smile. He flung his hand outward, and another shot of sword aura forth.

The old woman was no slouch either. She slashed an air blade toward Jack, just as frightening as her husband’s.

Jack threw out another air blade toward her.

He was fast, but the strength of the blades was not compromised at all. They were just as sharp, just as fierce—and they reached a good few meters before they finally dissipated. It was a powerful attack.

Soon enough, Jack’s air blades clashed with the couple’s. The resulting shockwave sent ripples that even shook the earth. A frightening crash rang out at the contact point, as though thunder were clapping right before them.

“They’re fighting. Fantastic!”

In the distance, Peace and the others were extremely excited when they saw the fight breaking out. Jack would be done for this time.

Unfortunately, he quickly noticed that the old couple’s attacks were quickly blocked by Jack’s counterattack. They even formed aftershocks, and the excessive energy bounced back toward the old couple.

The old man and the old woman flew backward, their faces as pale as death.

On Lana’s side, there were no men who were a match for her. She threw a few air blades out, and plenty of her opponents fell onto the ground, dead.

“No way!”

The old man and woman were so shocked at the sight that all color leeched from their cheeks. There had been quite a few fighters who were as strong as five or six-star Kings of War, and they had all been killed by that masked woman. They did not even have the chance to fight back against someone as strong as that.


Skyler and Walter sprang into action after seeing so many fighters being killed. Adrenaline filling their veins, they sprang forth into the array.

“No way. The four of them are so strong!”

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