No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0991

The old couple was even more frightened when they saw their men falling one by one around them. Now they finally understood that Jack had truly been giving them a chance to live.

Still, it was too late for regrets.


In a flash, Jack appeared between the old couple, sweeping his sword in a circular motion. The action formed a frightening air blade; it caught the light in a furious glint.

The old couple and nearly ten of the Lowe family’s fighters were all caught within the attack’s radius.

All of them flew backward and landed on the ground with heavy thumps, no longer breathing.

“Dad! Mom!”

Louisa released a shriek when she saw her parents killed so easily. Only now did she realize that it was a foolish decision to bring her parents along to exact revenge. Not only did she not get her revenge, but she also led them to their deaths.

In a moment, nearly a hundred of their men had died; only half were left.

“No–no way!”

Some of the Lowe family’s fighters shook their heads vigorously. They were terrified at the sight of the corpses strewn all over the ground.


Jack slashed another two air blades, and over a dozen men fell to the ground. Someone could not take it anymore, and wheeled around and sprinted off.

Lana and the others took a few steps forward and killed more fighters.

Kane and Louisa were killed as well. Only about a dozen men were left at the end, escaping with every inch of their remaining strength. They were only able to live because Jack and the others did not go after them.

On the other entrance, plenty of people from the housing estate had sneaked over to watch the commotion. The fight had caused a huge ruckus and attracted their attention.

Among the crowd, Blake Knight and Tiana Scott heaved sighs of relief when they saw that Jack had clenched victory.

They had never thought that the Lowe family would find them so quickly—and they certainly had never expected that Jack and his fighters were so strong. They had killed so many fighters from the Lowe family in a flash.

The Lowe family was powerful, and they had plenty of people. However, they had mustered all their troops for this, and so many of them had died. The Lowe family would be reduced into nothing now.

Furthermore, the Lowe family’s enemies would definitely take the chance to take revenge once the news reached Gin City, completely destroying the Lowe family.

Of course, the Wagner family was done for as well. The head couple of the Wagner family, as well as a few of their elders, had all died here. The Wagner family would be no more.

“No way. The Lowe family had so many fighters, and they were all killed? And only a few bodyguards from Jack’s side were injured, but none of them died. Is this how it’s all ending?”

Peace wondered if this was all a dream as he watched everything from afar.

He glanced at his grandfather and father, who was sitting next to him. Their expressions were that of utter shock as well.

“He–he’s too strong!”

Old Man Chaffman wiped a layer of sweat filming at his forehead. “We can’t afford to provoke him,” he told his son. “Remember this, do not provoke them no matter what!”

“With these few men, they don’t have to be afraid of even a first-class aristocratic family in the City of Martial Arts,” Master Chaffman added, “what more a second-class aristocratic family!”

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