No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0992

“Take care of the bodies!”

Jack’s lips twisted into a bitter smile when he saw the bodies all over the ground. He had wanted to find the dragon scale without creating a ruckus, and he had never wanted to cause trouble in the first place.

He never thought that it would end up like this.

The Wagner family was dead. Furthermore, plenty of fighters from Gin City had died there as well. It seemed that plenty of powerful families from Swallow City would have their eyes on him and his family now.

However, now that he thought about it, it might not be a bad thing after all. At least the families who had set up a trap for him would be more cautious of him after this incident.

“I was so scared with so many people coming at once. Thank God all of you are strong. We would have died otherwise!”

Fiona and the others emerged from the house as they saw that the bodyguards were cleaning up the bodies.

Fiona patted her chest. It was evident that she was still recovering from the shock.

“You were amazing, dad. I want to be as strong as you when I grow up!”

Kylie ran over, staring at Jack with admiration, her eyes large and round and beautiful.

Jack was speechless for a moment at the sight. “Why did you allow Kylie to come?” he said to Fiona and the others. “We haven’t even finished cleaning up here. A child shouldn’t be seeing all this!”

“What’s wrong with that? Didn’t you yourself say that this was the City of Martial Arts, where plenty of families are in a constant tussle of power, with some rising to eminence and others fading into obscurity? Plenty of people die every day. It’s normal. How can you expect her to face hardships in life if she’s never experienced it herself?”

Surprisingly, Fiona replied, rolling her eyes at Jack.

He was speechless and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“that does make sense. And she’s not the least bit afraid! Kylie is so young, but she’s so wise!”

Skyler laughed and could not help but playfully pinch Kylie’s cheek.

Ever since Jack had come back, everyone was able to have full meals and wear nice clothes. Now, Kylie had put on some weight, her cheeks were pinchable than before. She had also turned fairer and was growing more adorable by the day, stealing the hearts of more and more people.

“Hmph. Basically, I want to be as strong as you when I grow up!”

Kylie harrumphed and folded her arms across her chest, puffing herself to make herself look bigger.

Everyone could not help but smile at her antics.

Soon enough, Caleb and the others from the Quinton family caught wind of what had happened.

Hunter was shocked when he heard this. “My goodness. They had two fighters who were as strong as nine-star Kings of War, and they were all killed. How can they be so strong! Luckily we felt that something was off and did not go looking for trouble. We would all be killed otherwise!”

“That’s right. They’re all so strong. Who knew that there were four skilled fighters among them—especially Jack. I heard that he had killed the two fighters who were as strong as nine-star Kings of War. Furthermore, he did not do so much as waste a single breath!”

Although they knew of the situation for a few hours now, Caleb was still reeling from shock.

The Wagner family was far stronger than the Quinton family. They were a true third-class aristocratic family, and they were gone, just like that. The Lowe family, meanwhile, was a powerful underground family from Gin City, and they too were wiped out in a blink of an eye.


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