No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0994

“What guy? Which guy?”

The head of the Chaffman family yelled at the bodyguard who rushed into the dining room. He was having a good time drinking with the family and was abruptly disturbed. He naturally felt a flicker of irritation and his forehead puckered.

“The guy—the guy, Jack… Didn’t we witness them kill a lot of people from the Wagner family and the Lowe family the other day? The guy from that day came here with the woman in a mask!”

The bodyguard’s voice trembled. He was once proud of being the bodyguard of the Chaffman family. He had a lot of confidence in the Chaffman because, in common circumstances, nobody dared to offend such a prominent and powerful family which was why Young Master Chaffman was so arrogant and snobbish.

However, the two people who came to the Chaffman’s residence today sent chills down his spine; he was weighed down by dread. This was because the two’s combat prowess was too terrifying. If he had not known all the names of the Nine Great Gods of War, he would have suspected Jack to be one of them!

“What the heck? Why are those two here?”

The head of Chaffman was startled at the news that he shot up from the chair. He was sober all of the sudden that he stopped feeling tipsy or drunk.

“Dad, are they here to seek revenge? But, but, didn’t they already beat me up last time? Don’t tell me he’s here for his woman again!”

Peace had been behaving well lately and had not been fooling around. But now after hearing that Jack had come to his house with Lana, his face went white in an instant and his hands turned cold and clammy.

Old Master Chaffman uttered after thinking for a while, “It’s highly unlikely they came here for that matter, if so, he would have come here two days ago, why now? Besides, the Chaffman family is not an ordinary family, we have so many elite fighters, hence if they were here for trouble, why only the two of them? Why didn’t they gather the other four skilled fighters?

The head of the Chaffman family, on the other hand, was worried beyond words. “Pa, what do you know? Only two of them came which means they know that they’re able to defeat us with just the two of them. If that’s the case, don’t you think it’s more petrifying?” The head of Chaffman gulped loudly and then continued, “Have you not seen with your own eyes that day? Jack possessed greater combat prowess than the old man, and the old woman of Lowe family did! The old couple of the Lowe family is on par with a nine-star King of War! But what happened in the end? Both were killed by Jack! Now, you tell me, how terrifying Jack is?”

The corner of the Old Master Chaffman’s mouth twitched uncontrollably at the information.

However, in the end, he still shook his head to disagree. “No, if they’re looking for trouble, they would have just come in and killed all of us. Why are they waiting outside and allowing the bodyguard to come in and report?”

Old Master Chaffman then wheeled his head and faced the bodyguard. “Go out and let the two in. Remember, you must be polite and respectful when you speak to them, understand?”

“Yes, Sir!”

The bodyguard bowed and went off. They were two strong people; how could he disrespect them? He would not even know how and when he died if he really did offend them. The bodyguard thought to himself.

Soon, Jack and Lana were brought to the Chaffman family by the bodyguard.

“Hey, my old friend, Jack! I truly apologize for my carelessness that I didn’t come to greet you. I didn’t know you were coming, I’m truly sorry!”

Master Chaffman studied the two and bowed before them while apologizing. Then he quickly turned to one of the servants and commanded, “Why are you still standing there? Go get new plates and bowls! They will join us for dinner and a couple of drinks! I’ll drink tonight with these strong and powerful people!”

“Oh, Master Chaffman, stop it, you’re being too kind! We’re not strong nor powerful!”

Jack chuckled and bowed to greet the other party as well.

“No, my friend, you’re being too modest! The episode that day has spread all over the City of Martial Arts, or at least the families in this vicinity are all aware of it!”

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