No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0996

“Strange, Jack came here specifically to ask for the invitation card. This means that this guy is interested in the Dragon scale!”

As soon as the two left, Master Chaffman could not help but mutter aloud, “Now we only have one card left, so only two of us are able to go to the auction tomorrow. We’re fortunate that Jack did not ask for both cards!”

“But, how did Jack know about this? They’re not ordinary people, aren’t they?”

Peace’s brows snapped together, with a puzzled look on his face. “The secret organization sent us the invitation cards. How did he find out about this? This means that the other party must have been searching and gathering information about the Dragon scale. Otherwise, how is it possible for Jack to know about the auction so quickly?”

“This is so weird! Why would he be so interested in the Dragon scale? While we’re still speculating whether this Dragon scale is a real thing or not, they’ve already investigated it thoroughly. They must have interest in it a long time ago!”

Old Master Chaffman, too, felt that Jack’s interest in the Dragon scale was certainly not on a whim. Otherwise, he would not have come to them specifically for the invitation card!

“Hmmm…they just moved here not too long ago. Oh, now I see it! Not too long ago, there was news about the Dragon Scale and then after there was no news about the Dragon Scale at all. Nobody knows anything about it. But Jack and the others moved here…hmm… they must have heard the news and came here for the Dragon scale!”

Suddenly, Peace understood the situation as though some wise spirits possessed his body. “We’ve never heard about Jack and others before; they must have come here for the Dragon scale. And since they’re from the other cities and they came here for the Dragon scale, what does this mean? This means that this Dragon scale is real! Since it is real, there might really be a dragon in this world!”

“What? Dragon is real?”

Old Master Chaffman was startled at the information that his eyes widened. “This thing has always been a legend, none of us have seen it. I initially thought that this secret auction about the Dragon Scale is a fraud to lure us and cheat our money. But if our guesses are right, this means that the Dragon scale is real! There’s really such a thing in this world!”

“Also, Pa, on the invitation card, it writes that this Dragon scale possesses a miraculous effect, if you were to soak it in tea and drink it every day, you can live longer! It’s not one or two years longer but decades! If the Dragon scale really exists, doesn’t that mean that the miraculous effect is real too?”

Master Chaffman soon thought of something and excitement suddenly glowed brightly on his face.

Old Master Chaffman’s eyes, too, revealed signs of excitement after hearing the miraculous effect of dragon scale. “If this is true, then we must try to bid for this item tomorrow! After all, auctions are all about money! It’s a wealth competition!”

Master Chaffman bobbed his head in agreement. “Yes, a lot of prominent families must be thinking that there is no such thing as dragon scale, not to mention its miraculous effect that was written on the card. They must be thinking that it’s fake and a fraud. And some of them merely want to get it as a collection. So, they certainly wouldn’t and cannot afford to spend so much on it. In that sense, our chances to get the Dragon scale is incredibly high!”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy!”

To everyone’s surprise, Peace—who was drinking silently at the side—suddenly interrupted with a loud laugh. “If Jack and his men came here all the way from other cities solely for this Dragon scale, then they are determined to get it. Hence, Jack will definitely compete fiercely with us in the auction!”

“Humph! This is an auction, the only thing that matters is money, and not fighting ability. So, what are you afraid of? As long as we have money and the other party doesn’t, then it’ll be our show!”

Old Master Chaffman could not wait to get the dragon scale. It would be wonderful if he could live a few more decades!

“What I fear is even if we bid for the Dragon scale and got it in the end, the other party will come and seize it. In that case, we’re no match for him!”

Peace let out a dry smile. “The only families that are not afraid of him could only be some first-class families in this city, I guess!”

Old Master Chaffman was rendered speechless. What Peace said was true; if they were to get the dragon scale successfully in the auction, and Jack came and asked for it, they would have no choice but hand it over to Jack.


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