No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0997

The next day, some of the families who were invited to this secret auction were not interested at all in the dragon scale, and some even thought that it was a fraud. Hence, quite a number of those prominent families did not go to the huge villa outside the city.

But most of the invited families wanted to find out the truth of dragon scale; they brought a few bodyguards with them and went to the huge villa outside the city.

More and more people were gathered outside the villa, however, the owner of the villa did not open the gates, instead, the owner made them wait outside the villa.

“Who the heck organized this auction? How could the organizer make us all wait outside and not even give us a place to sit! How arrogant!”

An old man from the crowd huffed angrily.

“Damn right! The organizer only gave us three invitation cards, how are my bodyguards going to get in? Only six of us can get in!”

Another middle-aged man—who stood beside the old man—could not help but cursed out loud. He brought tons of bodyguards with him to here, only to find out the rules. This made him upset.

“Hey, Young Master Norton, look over there! Can you see that beauty? I’ve never met her before, isn’t she attractive?”

On the other side of the crowd, there were a few rich young masters gathered together, chilling and smoking cigarettes. One of them noticed Lana in the crowd and his eyes fixated on her, never turning away.

Young Master Norton looked at the direction pointed by his friend; his eyes brightened up. “Holy f*ck! That chick’s body is so damn amazing! Look at the slender yet curvy thighs. I bet all men would be head over heels for her!”

“Young Master Norton, you may not have met that woman and man yet but they’re not someone you should mess with. Have you heard of the news where all the members of the Lowe family and the Wagner family were murdered? You must’ve heard about it, right? They’re the ones who did it!”

One of the young masters chortled bitterly as he uttered to the other young masters.

“It looks like she’s a thorny rose—a beautiful woman who can’t be touched!”

After hearing the news, Young Master Norton could not help but mock with a bitter laugh. He was a young master of a first-class aristocratic family, so naturally many pretty women would offer themselves to him as though he was a magnet that attracted women effortlessly. However, since he had met so many pretty women, common pretty women would not catch his eyes at all; his aesthetic taste toward women was naturally heightened.

However, he never expected to meet such a beautiful woman like Lana tonight; that this woman had lit up the soul in his eyes. Well. It seemed that a trip to the outskirts tonight was not in vain at all!

Soon enough, the crowd grew bigger and bigger, and several staff members of the auction came out to the entrance gate, and then stood still in two rows.

One of the guys with thick eyebrows and sharp eyes uttered aloud, “Attention, please! We apologize for making everyone wait for a long time. Now we’ll open up the gates and let everyone in. Please line up here, and remember, one invitation only allows two people to go in, the remaining will have to wait outside!”

The crowd lined up in pairs as requested by the staff, then handed the invitation card and entered the villa.

“Let’s go!”

Jack threw the cigarette butt on the ground, stomped it fiercely to put out the fire. Only then he strode toward the entrance with Lana.

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