No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0998

After Jack handed the card to the staff, he and Lana entered the villa and came into a nicely decorated hall.

On the side of the hall, a stage was built temporarily for this auction and there were stools for the people to sit.

The light was dim, and the atmosphere was eerie; the crowd could not help but frown.

The hall was soon filled with people—nearly a hundred of them. Then an old man wearing a charcoal black robe and a mask on his face walked up to the stage slowly.

The old man’s blond and shiny hair caught Lana’s eyes; her face immediately dulled and sank. “Is this organizer from America?” Lana whispered to Jack.

Jack’s brows snapped together at the scene before him. “How come? How did the Dragon scale fall into the hands of the people of America?”

At this moment, once Jack finished his last sentence, hundreds of black-clothed people came into the hall from the front doors and side doors, surrounding everyone in the center of the hall.

“What the…”

The situation of being surrounded by hundreds of bulky, black-clothed men had the prominent families feeling worried.

“Oh, everyone, please stay calm. They’re here today to maintain the order and help with the auction. Don’t have to worry!” The old man on the stage opened his mouth with a warm laugh and his arms extended, signalling everyone not to panic.

The old man then clapped his hands, gesturing to the staff to bring out the item. A female usher walked up to the stage with a plate in her hands. On top of the plate, there was a golden scale.

“That’s the legendary Dragon scale?”

All gazes with sparkles in them were fixed on the dragon scale on the plate.

“I guess so? It looks like fish scales! I can’t tell if it’s real or fake but it’s really huge, almost as big as a palm!”

Another man from the crowd muttered with overwhelming emotion in his voice.


Lana was bursting with joy that her eyes were full of excitement.

“It’s the Dragon scale, make sure we get it!” Jack nodded to confirm its truthfulness.

When he thought of it, his fists clenched tightly. Without this piece of dragon scale, he could not advance and further elevate his overall combat power; he could not take his strength to another level. This dragon scale seemed to have become a tangled knot in his heart.

The current Jack was at a critical juncture of breaking through his combat prowess. His heart had longed to retrieve this dragon scale.

“Ladies and gentlemen, look, this is the legendary Dragon scale!”

The old man chortled warmly then added, “I believe many of you are here just to experience something new, and most of you don’t even know how precious this Dragon scale is, and how useful it is! This is not ordinary treasure like rare gemstones; it is a real treasure!”

“Old man, how can you prove that it’s a real treasure? Even if it’s a real dragon scale, how can you prove that it has the miraculous effect of prolonging human life in addition to being somewhat collectible? Didn’t you say that it has such an effect?”

At this point of time, a young master of a family stood up and spilled out his question gently, with his hands behind his back.


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