No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0999

“He’s right! You have to prove it and tell us more if you wanna get money from us in this auction!”

Another young master echoed with a sarcastic tone. “I came over here today merely to see something new. I’m a young master of a prominent family; I have other priorities, you know? And there’s just one item in today’s auction, that’s the Dragon scale. I came here for it, so you better don’t disappoint me!”

“This young master is right! We’ll certainly not make your money go to waste! It’ll be worth it!”

The old man of America who was on the stage laughed out loud at the young master’s comment. “I believe this is nothing new for everyone, that in this world, everyone is always seeking for improvement and enhancement in their combative area; Everyone wishes to become a master of martial arts or even the ultimate grandmaster of martial arts of the era! The real strong fighter acquired the techniques of enhancement and only with the knowledge of those techniques, only then one can become the real ultimate strong fighter.”

Everyone nodded their head after listening to the old man’s speech. As citizens of the City of Martial Arts, they understood this point clearly.

The old man opened his mouth once again and spilled the words in a slow manner, “And only a real strong fighter is able to control the Chi in their body and release it and use it to attack. Such strong fighters are rare, and we see them as someone who has surpassed the level of the ultimate grandmaster of martial arts; such a person is basically considered a demi-god! Because they can fly in the air!”

At this time, an old man from the crowd stood up from his chair and jeered, “Why are you telling us about that? Who doesn’t know about that! In general, those common elite fighters in our families are like the majors and the marshals from the military; and the elders are like the kings and queens of war; and the Nine Great Gods of War, heh, they’re the demigods! Am I right?”

“Pretty much. They’re called Gods of War in Daxia, but in terms of their combat prowess, they are pretty much at the demi-god level!”

“There are some demi-god-like fighters in the City of Martial Arts, but they are rare. Fighters of the level of Kings of War are slightly more!”

The old man on the stage bobbed his head in agreement. Then he faced the crowd and threw out another question, “Then do you know, what is the level above the demi-god level?”

Puzzlement and confusion were plastered on the crowd’s faces.

“Well. Not sure about that!”

Some shook their heads.

“I did hear about it before!”

The previous old man from the crowd once again uttered, “It’s said to be a true god. In fact, from the name of it, you can know how strong, powerful, and terrifying the combat prowess of the true god is. A level lower is demi-god, and the ultimate level is true god, naturally true god level is way more powerful than demi-god level!”

“You’re so right, Mister!”

The old man from America who was in charge of hosting the auction said, “We all know that after the war between America and Daxia, Nine Great Gods of War are born and there is another existence above these Nine Great Gods of War, that’s the Supreme Warrior!”

A middle-aged man from the crowd suddenly stood on his feet and yelled excitedly, “Are you—are you saying that this Supreme Warrior’s combat prowess is at the true god level?”

The old man on the stage chortled. “There are too few human beings who have reached the true god level. And I guess most of you don’t know that in this world, there are many hidden strong, and powerful families. They live in the deep mountains and away from the public. And most of the true god fighters are hidden in these families. But, these hidden families will not mingle with peasants like us nor intervene with the commoners’ lives.”

The old man paused for a moment before continuing, “If I’m guessing correctly, the Supreme Warrior of Daxia has not reached the true god-level either. He is already at the peak of the demi-god level and is about to break through to reach the true god level. This piece of Dragon’s scale is exactly what fell off of him!”

The corners of Jack’s mouth twitched awkwardly at the old man’s speech, and his face turned unsightly.

Jack’s eyes were stoic and gloomy at the same time. Who the heck was this old man? How could he know so much about him? He even guessed correctly about his combat prowess level. Jack did try to break through the demi-god level several times recently, however, unfortunately, he was not able to reach the true god level.

He thought this fallen piece of dragon scale was exactly the reason behind him not being able to breakthrough!

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