No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1000

“Are you joking? This Dragon scale fell off of a person? Old man, we may not even fully believe it when you say this fish-scale-like thing is a Dragon scale, and now you’re telling me that this Dragon scale fell off of a person’s body?”

Someone from the crowd could not help but mock uncontrollably, “You’re making up stories so that you could increase the value of this Dragon scale, aren’t you? But we’re no fool. Your story is too ridiculous, and we’ll not believe you. I’m afraid today you can’t sell this scale off for much money!”

Another man stood up as well. “Old man, why are you telling us all these? Now I know there is one level higher than the semi-god level, which is the true god level. Person of true god-level should be already taking the top position of humanity, right? But what does this have to do with you auctioning this Dragon scale?”

“Of course, there is a tight connection! The person who had this dragon scale had been desiring a breakthrough in his combat prowess, and this dragon scale fell off of him, hence, it is naturally nourished by the spiritual energy of the person, as well as, absorbing the spiritual force of the earth and heaven. This Dragon scale is a real treasure!”

The old man chuckled nonchalantly. “But, if you guys really think that our motive today is to auction the Dragon scale off, then you are all idiots! Hahaha!” The old man jeered cunningly.

“Oi, Old man, what do you mean? Are you fooling us? Since you’ve invited us all here, why don’t you auction it off? Making our trip here for nothing?”

Another middle-aged man shot up from his seat and yelled angrily.

“Motherf*cker! You’re playing us around, aren’t you? Well then. If you don’t auction it, I’ll grab it by force!”

Another old man was even more furious that he basically jumped off from his seat and charged toward the stage. He was soon standing before the old-aged host and swung his arm, throwing a heavy punch toward the host.

“Oh my… This force and this speed. This old man’s fighting skill is comparable to an eighth-grade grandmaster, isn’t it?”

Lana was shocked at the sight before her and she continued, “That means this old man is as strong as an eight-star King of War!”

Jack bobbed his head at Lana’s guess. This old man was definitely something else.

“But I think he’s not even his opponent! Sigh.”

Jack breathed out a bitter smile as he replied to Lana.

Sure enough, just as Jack’s words fell, the old-aged host on the stage—who was wearing a mask—balled his fist firmly and threw it toward the fist of another old man. One could visibly witness a layer of Chi energy surrounding the balled fist of the old-aged host.

A loud sound pierced through the air and sent waves that shook the place for a few seconds. The old man who challenged the host was knocked backward and smashed heavily into the crowd. A mouthful of blood was spurted out.

An eighth-grade grandmaster was blasted away just like that, and he was badly wounded!

“Who—who the hell are you?”

The old man on the ground stared deadly at the old man on the stage, his eyes full of shock and confusion. The injured old man was deemed as a strong fighter of a first-class family; an eighth-grade grandmaster for god-sake! It was rare to see an eighth-grade grandmaster appear in public, but to everyone’s surprise, that even such a powerful person was not the opponent of the old man on the stage!

The old man with the mask held the dragon scale in his grip, then he flipped his palm, and the dragon scale disappeared.

Only then he sneered scornfully, “The main purpose of inviting all of you here today is to lure someone out, who I believe is already here and hidden within this crowd, am I right?”

The old man paused for a few seconds before continuing, “This someone is no other than the owner of this Dragon scale, hahaha!”

“Are you f*cking kidding me? The dragon scale really fell off a person?”

The crowd was murmuring; some people still could not bring themselves to trust the old man’s words and feel that everything was too magical.

“The owner of the Dragon scale, what’s wrong? Don’t dare to come out? Such a coward! The Dragon scale is with me right now, come and grab it if you have the guts!”

The old man laughed rampantly like a chimpanzee.

“Hey, Old man, since you’re not auctioning this dragon scale, we’re allowed to leave, right?”

A few people stood up and ready to leave the hall.

“He’s right. Old man, we’re not the someone you’re looking for. So, see you never!”

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