No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1001

The others also did fist-to-palm salutes as they huffed.

“Leaving? I’m afraid you can’t leave once you’re here!”

The old man waved his hand. The black-clothed man from before all raised their fists, radiating dangerously quiet auras.

“You want to fight us when we have so many people on our side? Are you looking for death?”

A bald man craned his neck to look at the old man atop the stage, his expression stony.

“The people here should be pretty good fighters,” the old man said, smiling. “We’ll just kill those who can’t fight properly and take those that aren’t too bad as our puppets so that they can contribute to our society. Hah!”

“Just hand the dragon scale over, you old fart!”

Jack could not stand it any longer. He shot straight onto his feet and glared at the old man.

“See if you can get it from me!”

The old man chuckled, speaking with an impassive voice.

“Since you put it that way, we have no choice but to take it from you by force!”

Jack lifted his foot and speared toward the sky—toward the direction of the old man.

“Don’t tell me you’re that Supreme Warrior?”

The old man was stunned. Jack was even faster than the elderly man from before. He finally realized that Jack was the person he and the others were waiting for.

“The Supreme Warrior?”

Many people took sharp intakes of breath when they heard that. This man was so young. Was he really the Supreme Warrior—the one person who was far stronger than the Nine Great Gods of War?

“Hand it over!”

Jack curled his fingers into a fist and struck it against the old man’s fist.

A resounding crack rang out. The next second, the old man had been thrown backward by Jack. Blood sprayed from his mouth, and even his mask had fallen off.

The crowd finally saw the scars that riddled the old man’s face. It seemed that he had sustained burn injuries from before. He looks grotesque, monstrous.

“Let’s go. F*ck. This was a trap all along!”

Some came to their senses and were prepared to leave.

“Kill them!”

Yet the black-clothed men around them whipped out their swords. They started to move between these men from powerful families, drawing blood and shedding carnage.

The old man who had been whacked by Jack clenched his blood-stained teeth. He wheeled around and rushed toward the entrance. “Catch me if you can. Hah!”

“As if I’m afraid of you!”

Of course, Jack could not let him escape; he had the dragon scale. He did not think twice as he shot forward, blurring into the shadows.

Holes were quickly rammed into the villa’s walls. The fight was too intense. As plenty of powerful families were invited to the auction, even a few men from the first-class aristocratic families were here. That was why they were strong. After fighting for a while, everyone came to the garden.

However, several young masters who were slightly weaker were quickly killed.

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