No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1002

The fight was extremely intense. Lana scanned through her surroundings. She quickly realized that the black-clothed men were fearsome fighters. More importantly, some of them seemed to not fear death, rushing forward in spite of the wounds on their body. They could continue to fight as though they were completely fine.

Judging from the situation, a black-clothed sixth-grade grandmaster could probably match an eighth-grade grandmaster.

The grandmasters had ranks from the first-grade to the ninth-grade. The black-clothed men here were all grandmasters.

In fact, some of them were comparable to the demi-god strength of the Gods of War.

“Look. Get the bodyguards to help us!”

Someone cried out after realizing that they could not break through to escape.

“Bad news. The bodyguards outside the area are already dead. And plenty more of those guys are coming for us!”

Someone quickly noticed the situation and was so shocked that their face turned pale.

The bodyguards who had been waiting outside had all been killed. Even more black-clothed men, who probably had been waiting outside for an ambush, all rushed in, surrounding everyone and leaving no path of escape.

“Jack, don’t you think something’s wrong? The men seemed to not have emotions. They just know how to kill!”

Lana clawed her way through a group of men and came to Jack’s side, posing the question.

Jack bobbed his head. “The old man mentioned something about ‘puppets’. I noticed that there are a lot of Americans in their group; meanwhile, the powerful fighters are all from Daxia. This means that all these powerful Daxians have lost their sense of self and have become their puppets. Now all they know is to fight!”

“No way. Black magic like that still exists?”

Lana’s expression darkened after she heard that.

However, Jack quickly thought of something. “No. If that was the case, Fernando would have been able to beat that old man.”

“How clever. You guessed what happened already!”

The old man cackled. Then he took out a flute and began to play it.

In a flash, a shadow rushed over from a distant forest. It vaulted over the villa walls and landed before Jack and Lana.


Lana stared at the man before her. It was Fernando, no doubt about it.

Jack looked into his empty eyes. “Your comrade has been brainwashed,” he said. “It seems like he’s become a puppet!”

“No way. Does that mean he’s dead?”

After Lana heard that, her features crumpled. Sorrow filled her heart.

Fernando was a very powerful fighter—one of the best even among the Nine Gods of War. It would be frightening to think that someone like him could be controlled like a puppet.

“Probably not!

“If he was truly dead, they would be able to establish some sort of astral connection with him—like the puppets over there who are being controlled by the Americans with just a thought,” Jack said. “But the old man needed to play his flute to get Fernando. This tells us that some part of him is still alive. He still has a sliver of consciousness!”

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