No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1003

“Thank goodness!”

Lana released a sigh of relief after she heard that. She believed that so long as he was not completely dead, he still had a chance with Jack and Ethan’s miraculous prowess in medicine.

“Careful, everyone. These are puppets that are attacking you. They’re dead. Their bodies are hard and they do not feel pain. It’ll be difficult for you to blow them apart or to cut their limbs.”

Jack saw that the men from the powerful families were being surrounded, and they were gradually overwhelmed. He immediately reminded everyone, “Attack the Americans if you want to dodge the puppets. Only then will it will work!”

“American b*stards. How dare they resort to such measures!”

“That’s right. Not only did they kill our men, but they also turned them into puppets and use them to do all the fighting!”

“That’s right. No wonder plenty of men from smaller families, who were strong and those self-taught fighters all disappeared. They were kidnapped by the Americans and turned into puppets!”

Plenty of people realized after they heard Jack’s words. They were so furious that their faces had gone white.

“F*ck. Didn’t the war already end? These Americans infiltrated Daxia to do such a thing!”

A man snarled in anger. His arms had a gaping wound, and blood poured forth, staining the sleeve of his shirt.

“Kill them. Kill those American b*stards!”

Someone cried out. They would not tangle with the puppets any longer. Instead, they were going straight for the Americans.

“You’re pretty good, eh? You saw through everything so quickly!”

The old man looked at Jack and flashed a cold smile. “But we have so many puppets. They’d have to die before they can get to our men!”


Jack’s lips curved into a mirthless smile. He jumped straight up, to a height of over ten meters. Then he yelled, “Come forth, my disciples!”

If one ascended to a demi-god status, it was possible to use the Chi energy inherent within one’s body to temporarily levitate or fly, by condensing it at one’s feet.

It could only be used for a short time, but that was the reason why demi-gods were far stronger than grandmasters. That was also the reason why the Nine Great Gods of War were able to easily kill any eight-star or nine-star King of War!

At this moment, shadows flew in from a field outside the villa, rushing into the area.

After the seven shadows appeared, they immediately killed the Americans, who were standing outside and controlling the puppets.

“What! The other seven Gods of War are here?”

Some of the people immediately cried out when they saw the seven Gods of War.

“My God. I didn’t hear wrong, did I? That–that young man called them his disciples? Ethan and the others are his disciples? So the nine Great Gods of War are the Supreme Warrior’s disciples!”

Another old man was extremely excited. He never thought that they would appear just as death yawned at them—these heroes who had fought and bled for the country. It was as though angels were descending from heaven to perform divine retribution.

“No–no way…”

The old American leader shook his head vigorously, wondering if he was going blind. “How could you have the time to prepare in advance? Don’t tell me you knew that the auction was a ruse?”

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