No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1004

Jack could not help but smile when he saw the other party’s panicked expression. “Fortunately, Fernando had called me before he had been captured, telling me that it was all a trap! That’s why I sensed that the dragon scale auction was a trap. And since this auction only has the dragon scale up for grabs, I had a backup plan just in case!”

Many Americans were killed very quickly. The dozens of puppets that they controlled immediately fell to the ground, not moving a single inch.

“How wonderful! The Nine Gods of War are here. I never thought that I would see the day where I would fight side by side with the Gods of War and the Supreme Warrior. This is amazing!”

An old man, whose hair was a tuft of white, laughed aloud. “Jeez. I had heard that the Supreme Warrior was a young man, but I never expected him to be Jack. And I never thought that he would be so powerful!”

Another middle-aged man cried out to Jack as he fought, “Supreme Warrior, my daughter is in her mid-twenties. She’s as beautiful as a rose, single, and her elegance is unmatched. Will you be willing to see her? I’m willing to marry her off to you as a second wife. It’ll be fine even if she’s a mistress!”

Jack nearly spat out blood when he heard that. Of course. Plenty of such trouble would come once he revealed his identity.

Still, he never thought they would be doing this while they were in the middle of a fight…

“Supreme Warrior, my daughter is also extremely elegant and adorable. I really hope that you can come over to our place for a few drinks! We’ll bring out the best alcohol!”

Another man refused to be sidelined. He yelled at Jack as he fearlessly mowed down his enemies, fighting ferociously.

Jack was even more speechless. “All of you better focus on killing the Americans first,” he hollered. “Who knows what their intentions are, coming into Daxia!”

“That’s right. Let’s get them!”

Anger spiked through everyone who heard Jack. They all rushed forward.

Before, the battle had seemed to be hopeless. With the arrival of the seven Gods of War, it began to turn in their favor. It was obvious that the Americans could not hold their ground. When one of them fell, plenty of puppets followed suit. This racked up their losses exponentially.

“We have a rough estimate of your strength, kiddo. And we know that you’re strong. But Fernando should be almost on the same level as you. Now that he’s a puppet, he going to be twice as strong. We’ll kill you today!”

The head of the Americans played the flute as soon as he finished speaking.

This time, the flute rang out even more sharply than before, and there was a killing intent interwoven with its tune.

As soon as he heard that, Fernando flipped his palm and took his sword out, jumping into flight and aiming at Jack with his blade.

The frightening sharp air blade slashed toward Jack, flying a few meters.

“What a powerful technique. His attack is indeed stronger than before!”

Lana’s expression darkened when she saw this.

“Go help the others. If you can, kill the head. He won’t be able to control your comrade that way!”

Jack’s expression also turned solemn when he saw the air blade. He flipped his palm and took out his own sword. Then he whipped his own air blade toward Fernando.

A resounding crash rang out. The two pressurized wind blades clashed, and blinding light went up in a flash. Everyone shut their eyes on reflex.

A frightening wave of energy rippled throughout the area from where the blades had clashed.

Many of the men who were a little weaker staggered backward from the whiplash. Others were straightaway thrown backward and landed on the ground with resounding thuds. They almost spat out blood.

“What a scary duel!”

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