No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1005

Everyone was scared out of their wits. It was the first time for many to witness an attack of this magnitude.

“So this is the strength of a demi-god?”

Some were horrified seeing what unfold before their eyes. The grandmasters and the fighters were all ranked from the first-grade to ninth-grade. As for the demi-gods and the true gods, their fighting prowess was not dictated by such specific ranks.

No matter if they had the strength of demi-gods or true gods, they were all divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate ranks!

That was because someone who had just become a demi-god was able to use their internal chi energy to fly for a short period of time, as well as to attack. The internal chi energy within a true god was far stronger than that of a demi-god.

After the white light faded, the two men’s attacks dissipated.

It was evident that Fernando was far stronger now that he was being controlled. He could almost match up to Jack.

“Why is Brother fighting our master?”

Ethan frowned when he saw this.

“He’s being controlled. Sh*t. D*mn these Americans. How dare they make a student and his master kill each other!”

Abner clenched his fists in anger.

“No way. What if the Master kills Brother Fernando or vice versa? What do we do?”

There were many Americans surrounding them. They wanted to rush over to help, but it was not possible.

Besides, Ethan realized that plenty of the Americans could rival their fighting prowess. The enemy could even easily control the puppets so that they had no choice but to confront them. They had the upper hand, but it was difficult for them to do anything in such a short span of time.

“Thank goodness Little Sis is going over!”

Sam said when he saw that.

“Stop her!”

Someone cried out when she noticed Lana dashing toward their leader.

Many Americans suddenly rushed toward her, determined to stop her.

“Go forth!”

The old man laughed and played his flute again. Fernando flew toward Jack.

This time, the old man did not make Fernando launch any attacks. All he did was fly toward Jack.

“If you have the strength, kid, use your blade to cut your disciple into half. Then his last strand of life will be cut off, and he’ll truly be dead!”

The old man cackled. His eyes were crazed with venom.

“You b*stard!”

Jack’s expression darkened. How dare he used Fernando’s life to threaten him.

He had no way about it. Fernando was drawing closer. His fist was raised at Jack, clearly about to initiate close combat.


Jack harrumphed. He had the chance to split Fernando into two because his enemy had given him plenty of time to do so.

However, this was his most beloved disciple. Fernando had achieved so much on the battlefield. Jack did not want him to die in his hands.

He could not do it!

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