No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1006

In the face of Fernando’s fist, Jack had no choice but to grit his teeth and throw a punch of his own.


Jack soon realized that Fernando’s body was a lot tougher now that he was a puppet. His fist was as hard as a rock, and his strength was monstrous.

That immense strength actually made him stumble a few steps backward after their fists collided. It took a while for him to regain his footing.

Yet Fernando showed no signs of slowing down. He assailed Jack with a barrage of attacks, moving at a blinding speed. Jack could barely react to them all.

“What’s wrong, kiddo? Can’t bear to use your full strength? You’ll probably be killed if you continue to hesitate!”

The old man laughed and momentarily stopped Fernando’s movements. “Today will be your death anniversary, kiddo,” he said. “You should know that someone who doesn’t feel pain nor fear death will always continue to fight. Hah!”

After he said that, he blew the flute again. Fernando’s eyes were just as empty; he clenched his right fist, which morphed into a dragon claw.


Everyone was shocked when they saw that claw.

“What’s there to be so surprised about? We have a technique named True Dragon Claw. We can even turn both of our hands into dragon claws once we’re demi-gods! If we can ascend to the status of a true god, we can transform into a dragon!”

Ethan could not help but speak with contempt when he saw everyone’s stupefied expressions. He thought that they were overreacting.

“Seriously? What a powerful technique, to transform into a dragon. No wonder it’s called True Dragon Claw!”

An old man’s eyes shone with admiration. The sheer strength and menacing aura of a dragon’s body was enough to intimidate anyone if they could truly transform into a dragon.


At last, Jack did not dare to slip up in the least when he saw a claw slashing toward him.

He released a furious cry and clenched his fist as well; his internal Chi gathered at his arm, and it also transformed into a dragon claw. He swung it forward.

When the two collided, the frightening crash rang out again, clapping through the sky like thunder. The sound even hurt the ears of many people.

Some were thrown backward from the aftershock, blood spilling out of their mouths.

“No way. The kid is holding his ground?”

The old man could not help but was surprised when he saw that Jack and Fernando were at a standstill.

They had lost the previous war. He knew that it was because the only man who could match Jack was dead.

Furthermore, Jack was extremely powerful. They had no choice but to surrender.

If they could kill Jack or grievously injure him, they could take Jack and the Nine Gods of War as their puppets to fight for them.

Then, Americans would retaliate, and they would emerge victorious.


Jack clenched his jaw and used all his strength to fight Fernando.

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