No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1007

He believed that he just needed to hold out for a while longer; Ethan, Joseph, and the others were definitely able to kill all the other Americans. Then they would attack the old man all at once, and victory would be theirs.

That was why he did not need to kill or triumph over Fernando. So long as he held out, he would be closer to victory.

The two dragon claws continuously clashed against each other. It was hard for them to land a blow on each other.

Fernando’s strength was immense, but Jack clenched his teeth through it, sweat beading all over him. Yet he persevered.

“Just die already. It doesn’t look good for us, with this going on! We’ll be in big trouble if Jack doesn’t quickly die while our men are dropping. We’ll be able to turn the tides once Jack is dead!”

The old man realized the gravity of the situation too. His mouth grew more downturned as time ticked by.

However, he quickly thought of something. His eyes sparkled with light.

He flipped his palm, retrieving Jack’s dragon scale from between his fingers.

“I know that you want this dragon scale really bad, Jack. It took you so long to refine this, and you’ll be greatly affected without it. Not only will you be unable to showcase your true power, but it’ll also affect your progress and spirit. It’ll be likely for problems to crop up when you’re trying to progress!”

The old man laughed. Then he took out a sword and slashed it in half.

The dragon scale was extremely important to Jack; he had honed it after many hours of blood and sweat and tears. When it was with him, it was practically invincible. It would be completely invincible if it was coated in an aura of congealed Chi energy. Not even the sharpest sword would break through it.

However, Jack had not had the dragon scale for too long; it did not possess a protective aura. It was evident that it was not as tough as the scales on Jack’s dragon claw, so it was easily shattered by the old man.


Jack’s heart clenched after the dragon scale was broken into two. He released a cry.

In a split second, he was weakened.


With part of his strength gone, blood rose and spurted out of his mouth.


Ethan and the others, who were fighting ferociously, all cried out when they saw this. They did not expect the old man to be so cruel.

Fernando was not weakened even the slightest. As Jack was injured and weak, Fernando swiped his claw forcefully, swinging straight into Jack and sending him flying backward.

The next second, Jack immediately crashed against the villa’s wall. A large hole appeared on it—and he was splayed on the floor, blood continuing to flow out of his mouth.

“Don’t hold back any longer, Master. You’ll die if you continue like this!”

Lana yelled at Jack as he hauled himself onto his feet, wobbling. Tears streamed from her eyes.

She was well aware that Fernando was a puppet now; he was barely alive. He was not dead, but he might as well be.

Although Fernando was fearsome, being so strong and insensitive to pain, it was precisely because of that that he was not very agile. There were plenty of holes in his stance when he fought, and he was not as dexterous as usual.

Jack had plenty of chances to kill Fernando. Still, he did not want to kill his own disciple. After all, Fernando had achieved so much on the battlefield for Daxia.

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