No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1008

“Don’t hold back any longer, Master. Just destroy Brother’s body. You can’t go on like this. You’ll die!”

Ethan did not want Fernando to die either, but he spilled words out of his mouth as tears streaked down his cheeks, “Besides, we don’t know how his situation is like, Master. Even if you don’t kill him, it might be impossible to revive him!”

“That’s right. Since Ethan already said so, it’s likely that it won’t be easy to cure Brother!”

William’s eyes were also reddishly rimmed as he fought the tears building in them.

Jack coughed a little, and more blood spilled out.

“I–I can’t kill him… We went through so much together on the battlefield, and he survived through all that. I won’t be able to forgive myself if I killed Fernando, and I will certainly not progress as a fighter!”

Jack walked forward, step by step. His face was slightly pale; it was obvious that he had sustained pretty serious injuries.

“Kill him. Kill him now! Hah!”

The old man cackled when he saw this. “Your dragon scale has already been destroyed, kiddo,” he said, a triumphant expression on his face. “Now you’re missing a scale on your dragon claw, so you can’t exercise your full strength. And you’re injured too. Haha. Careful now, kiddo. I don’t want you to die. I just want you to be on your verge of dying. I want you and your disciples to become our puppets and fight for us!”

“Like h*ll I’ll let that happen!”

Jack was so furious that he grinded his teeth and clenched his fists. With his human hand, he kept his sword, and it transformed into a dragon claw.

“You had the chance to kill Fernando. But you didn’t. And now you’re injured. Let’s see how you fare against him!”

The old man played the flute again after he said that. Fernando moved toward Jack in a flash. A layer of aura gathered around his dragon claw, and a powerful force radiated from it.


No one expected Jack to release such a frightening roar at this moment. In the area where a scale was missing on his claw, Chi rippled intensely, coalescing until a completely new scale grew out.

“What! A new one grew! Fantastic. Haha. Master grew a new scale!”

Lana was extremely moved when she saw this.

Ethan was moved too when he heard this. “That’s great. He’s now a true god, being able to regenerate a dragon scale. I never thought that Master would fulfill his potential here and ascend to the status of a beginner true god!”

Sam was also extremely moved. Jack’s breakthrough would definitely mean that he would grow exponentially stronger. His internal Chi would also increase.

If this was the case, Jack could defeat Fernando easily.

“No way. How–how did this happen?”

The old American man was also shocked. If that was truly happening, he would not be able to stand a chance.


Jack shot toward the sky, golden scales rippling over his entire body and he completely transformed into a dragon. He started to circle the air.

“Goodness gracious. The True Dragon Claw technique really enables you to transform into a dragon?”

The old man looked at the dragon. It emanated a ferocious aura, and gooseflesh prickled along his skin.
Jack released another roar before plunging straight toward him.

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