No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1009

“Motherf*cker, stop him!”

The old man’s face turned unsightly in an instant. He played the flute, fingers trembling.

Fernando—who was under the old man’s control—transformed into a residual shadow and bolted upward toward Jack, who was dashing downward from mid-air.

This time, Jack headbutted Fernando’s abdomen with a terrifying force. Fernando was like a cannonball, smashing heavily into the ground, forming a deep crater on the surface.

“No—No f*cking way!”

The old man was frightened down to the soles of his feet when he saw Fernando was not able to defend at all and was smashed to the ground by the golden dragon—Jack who had transformed into one. Jack, now a golden dragon, was heading straight for the old man.

The old man quickly stomped on the ground and instantly leaped into the air, wanting to escape from the golden dragon.

Unfortunately, Jack appeared in front of him before he could escape. The golden dragon bashed unto the old man’s body with a much more irresistible and brutal force than before. The old man—whose combative prowess was at a demi-god level—had his body explode and turned into a mist of blood after receiving the overpowering strike from Jack.

A layer of faint aura lingered around Jack’s body, and when he landed on the ground, a ray of golden light emitted, and in the next second, he transformed back into human form.

“This is bad! The boss is dead! Run!”

“Motherf*cker, how did that punk suddenly breakthrough the demi-god level?”

There were not many men from America left in the scene; they were fleeing in all directions.

“Kill them all!”

Nonetheless, Ethan and the others did not give the other party the chance to escape. One by one, they plopped onto the ground lifeless.

Two American fighters with demi-god levels transformed into shadows and flew into the air, heading toward the other direction far away from Jack and the others.

Jack did not grant them the wish; he swung his arm and immediately shot two wisps of Chi consecutively. The wisps of Chi looked like stretches of white and shining silks; they did not travel far, only one or two meters away from Jack, however, when the wisps of Chi touched the opponents, their bodies were blasted into hundreds of pieces of flesh, falling onto the ground as though the place was raining flesh.

“The power of the true god is truly no joke. It’s totally superior to ordinary fighters! No wonder—no wonder Master Jack struggled at the peak of demi-god level for so long, even with his natural raw talent!”

An envious look plastered on Abner Young’s face. Only after reaching the true god level, those who trained and acquired the True Dragon Claw technique, could transform into a real dragon.

Only those who had reached the true god-level could separate the Chi from the body and control it to cast an attack. Such an attack was hundreds of times more powerful than the fist that was enclosed with a layer of aura, more powerful than the attack of sword aura. The Chi in the body was without impurity, thus its power was naturally stronger than any fist aura or sword aura.

Because of Jack’s sudden breakthrough in his combat prowess and the continuous killing of several American fighters of demi-god level, the secret organization was soon finished off by the others. The shadowy puppets, too, fallen onto the ground, not moving an inch.

“Hooray! We won! We finally won!”

Someone from the crowd cheered happily. This was because a moment ago, they were still facing thousands of people from America, and struggling to fight against them as they had fighters of demi-god level. The fighters from those families even thought tonight would be their last night on the earth.

However, to their surprise, seven more Gods of War came to the rescue. Not only that, they were even more shocked at the information of Jack being the mysterious Supreme Warrior, and he even broke through the demi-god level, attaining the early stage of the true god-level during the battle; Jack became the top in the world, which gave them the victory in this horrific battle.

Ethan and the other Gods of War, on the other hand, did not cheer for the victory, instead, they came to Jack and together they gazed at the motionless Fernando who was lying at the bottom of the deep pit. They were silent.

Ethan went over and checked Fernando’s pulse. “Master, before this, Brother Fernando was already at the gates of death. And fortunately, you only used a little strength when you went head-to-head with Brother Fernando. He has only a faint breath of life left now; the breath is very weak. I think…he wouldn’t make it!”

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