No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1010

Sadness and heartbreak dawned on the others’ faces. Their heads were lowered as their hearts sank to the bottom.

“Don’t give up! As long as there is a breath of life, there is a glimmer of hope!”

After a moment of silence, Jack opened his mouth. “He is like this because of me! He helped me investigate the dragon scale. So, no matter what, I have to save him, otherwise, how can I explain to his family! I have to save him! I’ll save him!”

Tears stoned in Ethan’s eyes, he then looked up to Jack, “But, Master, Brother Fernando is dying! His breath of life is very weak and he’s losing it little by little! He won’t live past ten days!” Ethan grieved sadly.


Everyone sighed aloud; their eyes were reddened and glossy.

Jack gave a dry and bitter smile. “Let’s go back first. I do have a way to save Fernando. I know there is a sacred item that could help Fernando; it can heal Fernando. It’s hellishly difficult to get it, but now that I’ve broken through, I’m going to get it no matter what!”

“Supreme Warrior, thank you so much! And Gods of War, thank you for saving our lives!”

An old man approached the group and gave them his thanks with a sincere bow.

“You’re welcome!”

Jack smiled awkwardly. This time, with so many witnesses, he could not hide his identity anymore.

Jack laughed bitterly and then he spoke to the crowd, “Guys, please leave and go back to your home. We’re not sure if there are still people in this mysterious organization. If any of you have found any clue about this mysterious organization, please do contact us as soon as possible! So that we could put an end to these god-d*mn people from America. These people invaded our country, captured our people, and made them into their puppets, how could we forgive them!”

“You’re so right! These people are sh*ts! Too abominable!”

Anger rose in the crowd like a tide.

At this time, Joseph Smith pulled Fernando up and carried him on his back. “Guys, let’s go back.”

Soon, the group arrived at Jack’s villa.

Skyler was in shock when he saw everyone was covered in blood; they were a mess. “G—guys, what happened? Did you just go through a fierce battle?”

Jack bobbed, “Yup, there’s a mysterious underground organization from America. They have many powerful fighters and some of them are extremely powerful! Fernando was hypnotized by them and made into their puppet. His breath of life is very feeble now and he’ll not live longer than 10 days. But I’ll think of a way, I’ll definitely come up with a way to save him!”

“My goodness! Wh—why are there so many Gods of War here?”

Fiona walked out of the house and was surprised at the sight before her that her jaw dropped to the ground. Gods of War gathered at the courtyard of her house and were having a conversation with Jack and Skyler, how could she not be in shock?

Andrew and Old Master Taylor strode out of the house and saw the same scene. Their eyes were widened as big as saucers and their jaws were widely opened. What happened today? Why were the Gods of War here in their courtyard? Looking at their current state, did they fight a fierce battle today?

“Jack, do you still want to hide it from them? I’m afraid you’re exposed now that so many people from the event know about your true identity!”

Lana plastered a bitter smile on her face, her eyes fixated at Jack, waiting for his response.

Jack’s identity was exposed to many people from high authoritative and prominent families in Swallow City tonight. Not more than two days, the news of Jack being the Supreme Warrior and the Nine Great Gods of War being his disciples would spread to every corner of the City of Martial Arts.

“What? What did you hide from us?”

Fiona and the others were puzzled at the strange statement.

“Sigh! Indeed, I couldn’t hide it anymore!”

Jack, too, plastered a bitter smile on his face. Then he slowly walked toward Selena and uttered softly, “Dear, umm, actually, umm, I’m not their personal doctor or anything. In fact, I’m the mysterious Supreme Warrior that you’ve always talked about!”


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