No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1011

“The Su—supreme Warrior?”

Selena gulped loudly, doubting her own ears. Did Jack just tell her that he was actually the high and almighty Supreme Warrior? The Supreme Warrior who was way more powerful than all Nine Great Gods of War?


The other eight Gods of War exchanged glances to emit some sort of information and then they knelt down in front of Jack.


Selena, Fiona, and the rest were dumbstricken. They were completely confused about the situation!

“Please get up.”

Jack raised his hand, gesturing to the Gods of War to stand up. He then wheeled to Selena and said, “Dear, they’re indeed my disciples, including Fernando!”

“Nin—nice Great Gods of war, they’re all your disciples? Yo—you are the Supreme Warrior, their master?”

Joan questioned in a trembling tone as she clapped her hands over her mouth and her eyes went round. This news was far too shocking.

“Yes, he’s our Master! He’s much more powerful than all of us here!”

Lana chortled warmly and turned to Joan, “ Aunt Joan, your son is the most excellent and outstanding man in this world!”


Happiness glowed inside Joan and her cheeks glistened with tears.

“It—it’s my pleasure to meet you, the Supreme Warrior!”

The realization dawned upon Old Master Taylor. He quickly knelt before Jack and greeted him formally. This man before him was the Supreme Warrior, the highest and most almighty existence in this world. For him, to be able to meet and even talk to the Supreme Warrior was nothing but his utmost pleasure.

How could he have imagined that Jack was the Supreme Warrior—the mightiest existence.

How could he have ever thought that the Supreme Warrior had been by their side all along, protecting them discreetly!

“Pleasure to meet you, Supreme Warrior!”

Fiona and the rest of the Taylor family followed behind Old Master Taylor, knelt down, and greeted Jack politely. Selena—who had finally snapped out of the shock—prepared to kneel too.

Jack was rendered speechless at the situation before him, he hastily held Selena up and cried out, “What are you doing? Get up, get up. Why are you kneeling? Are we not a family? Well. Of course, for the exception of those Taylors who didn’t treat us as their family and left us for fear of being dragged into the mess, the Taylors who stayed behind and by me are my family! You are my family!”

Only then Old Master Taylor got back on his feet. “Sir, why didn’t you tell us earlier? We treated you so badly back then and even despised you as a trashy adopted son-in-law! I thank you for being so kind-hearted and not hold grudges against us! Sir, your heart is tender!” Old Master Taylor chortled warmly.

“Grandpa Taylor is right! Why didn’t you inform me earlier? If you’d told me earlier, I could have brought breakfast to your bed and even clean your feet every day! My god, my son-in-law is the Supreme Warrior! Does this mean I’m the mother-in-law of the Supreme Warrior? Then my daughter is the wife of the Supreme Warrior? Dios mios!”

“Sigh! If you’d told me earlier, I could have bragged about it in front of my friends and classmates in Eastfield! Sigh! Now, I don’t know anybody in this city, who am I going to show off to?”

Fiona exclaimed excitedly, at the same time, whined irritably. Jack and Selena who stood beside her could only shake their heads and sighed.

“I really didn’t expect you to be the Supreme Warrior! You’ve tricked our family so well!”

Ben giggled cheerfully and continued teasing, “Now, tell me honestly! You this filthy rich guy, how much money do you have?”


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