No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1012

Fiona’s eyes sparkled with excitement at Ben’s suggestive question and she was buzzing with happiness. Her breath was heavy.

She hurriedly stepped forward and held Jack’s hands in her palms, with a shaky voice, she asked, “M—my dear son-in-law, you…you have returned from the army, and the country must have given you tons of money and bonuses, right? Umm… How much…how much do you have on you now?

“It’s not that much though. A little less than a trillion dollars!”

Jack chortled casually, and then he added, “Anyway, money is just an external material. It’s more crucial and important for us, the fighters, to advance in our combative strength!”

Jack paused for a moment, then continued, “Alright! Let’s go in and take a break. You can take a nap, take a shower, whatever you want. I’ll ask the kitchen to make some dishes for dinner tonight!”

Elaine led the crowd into the villa and arranged for each of them, a room to rest.

At this time, on the other side, Dylan Wagner—who had been turned into a eunuch by Jack—finally arrived at the residence of Lowe family along with his men.


After seeing his uncle standing before him, Dylan burst into tears.

“Dylan, what’s wrong? Why are you here with your people? Didn’t your Grandpa and Grandma bring someone over to help you kill him? What’s his name again? Jack?”

Jaxon Lowe—the head of the Lowe family—asked, with his forehead furrowed. He was confused at the arrival of Dylan at this time.

“Uncle, something terrible happened! Grandpa and Grandma, they’re both dead! And my parents, they’re dead too!”

Dylan’s eyes flooded with tears; they were glossy.

“What the hell? Pa and Ma, they are as strong as the nine-star Kings of War! They were ninth-grade grandmasters, and were about to reach demi-god status! How could they not be able to defeat the other party?”

The color drained out of Jaxon’s face in a few seconds; he could feel nothing but blind terror and shock. He stumbled a few steps backward and nearly passed out at the news.

“Yes, he is too powerful! Uncle, what should we do now? What should I do? I want to avenge my parents, I want revenge!”

Dylan fixed his gaze at Jaxon with a helpless expression, as though he was a lost child in a crowded plaza.

Jaxon plopped onto the ground abruptly and mourned, “It won’t be that simple. You should have known that the reason why we, the Lowe family, are so strong and powerful is because of strong people like your Grandpa and Grandma. They brought several strong elders and fighters and went all out to help you this time. Sigh! Now there is only a bunch of trash left in the Lowe family. If we send them over, it is as well as sending them to hell!”

Jaxon then turned to Dylan with a pair of wet eyes, “The other party only killed those who went. We’re already considered fortunate that he spared the rest of the Wagner family and did not come to the Gin City and put an end to the Lowe family!”

Hearing what Jaxon had spilled, Dylan felt upset and powerless. He was reluctant to give up so soon, but what could he possibly do at this point in time? Nothing at all!

“Jack White, this motherf*cker!”

Jaxon could not help but curse loudly.

However, after he cursed, he immediately thought of something. “Jack White… Hmm… This name sounds so familiar to me, how come?”

“Master Lowe, Jack White, doesn’t this name sound like the person that the Freeman family and the Lambert family are going after? I remember some time ago, there were flyers with that name on them and if I’m not mistaken, it was Jack White. And there’ll be a grand reward for anyone who found Jack White. Just that I’m not sure if this Jack White is that Jack White.”

An elder of the Lowe family stepped forward and reported to Jaxon after thinking about it.

“Yes, yes, yes! You’re right! I remember the person they’re looking for was called Jack White. There are photos, wedding photos I think, on the flyer!”

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