No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1013

Jaxon suddenly thought of something and rushed into his room, and after a while, he came out with a flyer. He handed it to Dylan and asked with immense excitement, “Dylan, take a look! Is it this brat? Is it the same Jack White you’ve mentioned? If it’s the same person, we’ll finally be able to avenge our family!”

Dylan looked closely at the picture on the flyer. He gritted his teeth and balled his fists. “Yes, Uncle, yes! This is the brat who turned me into a eunuch just to play a superhero in front of two celebrities. He killed my grandparents and parents! That’s him!”

“Great! This is great news! God heard my prayers! I can finally avenge my folks! Mwahahaha!”

Jaxon squeezed his eyes shut and tears ran down his cheeks as he spoke. “Let’s go now! We’ll go to the Lambert family and the Freeman family! Jack had killed the daughter of Master Freeman and the son of Tao Lambert—the third elder in the Lambert family. Both families are looking for him everywhere. They hate him to the bones and can’t wait to cut him into pieces!”

“Oh my goodness! Is that for real? That’s great! These two families are prominent and powerful families in Gin City. They owe favors with several elite grandmasters of the demi-god level! They’re as strong as Gods of War! With such combat prowess, Jack will not be able to survive this time! Mwahahaha!”

Dylan felt a sudden flare of joy that he exclaimed happily, “Let’s go now! Uncle, let’s hurry up! We’ll drive over there now and inform them about this. We’ll leave tomorrow morning so that we can come back early and destroy these wicked bunch of people, Jack, Selena, and the other motherf*ckers!”


Jaxon nodded in agreement. Soon, several opulent cars left the Lowe’s residence, heading toward the direction of Lambert’s residence.

Currently, in the Lambert’s residence, many men were gathered in the hall. Each of them has their face twisted and contorted—they were upset about something.

The head of the Freeman family—Louis Freeman—and the elder of the Freeman—Tao Freeman finally returned to Gin City from Eastfield this afternoon.

They spent a few more days in Eastfield, looking for Jack but to no avail. Hence, they left a few underlings there to continue the search for Jack while the rest returned to Gin City.

“There was not a single f*cking clue about Jack’s whereabouts in Eastfield! We captured a few Taylors but none of them know sh*ts! We only know that some of the Taylors are scattered all over the world to flee from being detected. Moreover, Jack and the others have changed their mobile phone number, the other Taylors couldn’t even contact them!”

Tao smiled bitterly and said, “If we couldn’t find them in the next two or three years, I’m afraid that it’ll be impossible for us to locate them anymore by that time!”

“Master Lambert, do you have any news about them while you were in Gin City?”

Louis Freeman looked at the head of Lambert family—Charles Lambert—and asked.

Charles shook his head. “It’s not an easy task. If the other party is determined to hide from us, we’ll never be able to locate them. They are probably hiding in some forest or mountain by this time. Besides, if they’ve escaped to other countries, it’d be more impossible for us to find them!”

“Master Lambert, Master Lambert! The…the head of Lowe family has come to see you.”

A bodyguard panted as he reported. The bodyguard—who guarded the entrance—rushed into the hall while the group was discussing the next steps.

“The Lowe family?”

Several lines formed between Charles’s brows as he was informed of the arrival of Master Lowe. The Lowe family was considered an underground family—specializing in illegal businesses and trading. They did not want to have any connection with such a wicked family.

After all, they despised such people.

“Ask them to leave. I got no time!”

After pondering about the reason for Master Lowe’s arrival, Charles commanded and gestured to the bodyguard to send the other party away.

“Hold on…”

Tao halted the bodyguard, stepped forward, and uttered, “Brother Charles, the Lowe family came over at the wee hours of the night, it must be something important. If it’s not urgent, they could have come over tomorrow, or send people over to ask for a meeting. But this time, Master Lowe has come here personally, so, there must be something crucial. Why don’t we meet them first?”

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