No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1014

“Alright then. Let’s meet them. After all, the other party is the head of the Lowe family. If we refuse his meeting this time, he might hold a grudge against us. We shouldn’t try to offend such a villain, lest in the future when we face any hardship, he won’t make matters worse or cause more trouble.”

Charles bobbed to show agreement after giving the matter some thoughts. He then instructed the bodyguard to bring the other party into the hall.

“Master Freeman is here as well? Perfect then!”

When Jaxon entered the hall and found out that Louis was there too, his mood lifted in an instant.

“Ahem! So, tell us, why are you here today? It’s already late, so just spill your intention! If it’s for any business collaboration, I don’t think this meeting is necessary. After all, our businesses are different from one another and we have nothing to collaborate with the Lowe family!”

Charles cleared his throat as he questioned Jaxon.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Master Freeman and Master Lambert!”

Jaxon was long aware that these families who thought they were noble and dignified, had always looked down on them—an underground family. So, he was not surprised by the cold attitude from the other side, and he was not upset at all.

Jaxon greeted them with a palm-to-fist salute, then he uttered, “I’m here today to tell you something vital! The person on your wanted notice, I know where he is!”


Charles and Tao exclaimed loudly in unison upon listening to the shocking news.

“We know exactly where they are living now!”

Jaxon responded with a wicked grin on his face. Then he turned to the crowd and expressed, “Gentlemen, this is my nephew, Dylan Wagner, he’s from Swallow City. I guess I don’t have to explain more. The man who is called Jack White, his wife Selena, and many other Taylors, they’re all living in a huge villa in Swallow City!”

“Great! After a long and unsuccessful roaming and searching in Eastfield, finally, we have located Jack White!”

Tao clenched his fists, his eyes burned with desire, at the same time, excitement. “My son, finally I can avenge you!”

“Kiddo, are you sure the person you saw was Jack White? The one we’re looking for? Kiddo, if you’ve mistaken someone for him and make our trip in vain, I’ll make sure your life is miserable. After all, we’re prominent families in this Gin City…”

Charles stared at Dylan stonily.

With his fists clenched and his eyes full of resentment, Dylan opened his mouth, “Gentlemen, I remember every inch of their faces and I can recognize them even if Jack and the other motherf*ckers had turned into ashes! Jack is the one who killed my parents and several elite fighters of the Wagner family! He killed them all!”

“he is a real fan of trouble, isn’t he? Shouldn’t he be hiding when he is wanted by our Lambert family? He actually dares to cause more trouble to others! Isn’t he stupid to expose himself?”

A satisfied smile was plastered on Louis’s face. Looking at Dylan’s indignant manner, he believed that this news was real. All these killing deeds must be done by Jack and those freaking Taylors!

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