No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1015

“He hid in the Swallow City, he’s a clever man, isn’t he? The Swallow City is not far from here, we should be able to reach there in no time. Humph! That punk, he actually hid right under our noses, making us look like a fool!”

Tao sneered frostily. “But, unfortunately, he clearly doesn’t know how to spell the word ‘death’; he continues to be so high profile and creating more troubles. He dares to cause such a huge commotion there, clearly having a death wish!”

“Do you know what this is called? You reap what you sow!”

Charles snorted sarcastically with a cold smile on his face, he then turned to Jaxon and said, “This piece of information is indeed excellent! Tomorrow Dylan is going to take us there, and I’ll give you ten billion dollars as a reward for providing this information. As for how you divide it among you and your nephew, it’s your business!”

Jaxon, however, shook his head. “No, I don’t need any reward nor money. I don’t want a single penny. I only hope that tomorrow both Lamberts and Freemans will bring your strongest men to kill Jack, and I’ll bring mine too. I’ll go with you. I want to see him die with my own eyes!”

“Alright! You want to avenge your family. Excellent idea! Brother Jaxon, why don’t we have a few drinks to pre-celebrate our success?”

Charles laughed out loud wholeheartedly. Jaxon’s idea was naturally good for them. Not only did the other party not want to accept any penny, but they also offered to help out. After all, they could have accepted the money, at the same time went with them to kill Jack.

Therefore, it really surprised him that the other party made such a choice when they could have just watched the fight from afar.

“Do they have a lot of men? If not, we don’t have to bring all the elites, right? We’re prominent families after all, do we really have to bring all our strong men?”

The elder of the Lambert family inquired with some doubts on his face.

“No, they don’t have a lot of men. But, among them, there are three eight- or ninth-grade grandmasters—two men and one woman with a mask. As for Jack, he is strong too; he is at the early stage of the demi-god level. Of course, all these estimations are from our men who had witnessed the battle. But I’m not too sure about the real situation!”

Dylan gave some thoughts to the matter and then he spilled, “So, they have a fighter with demi-god strength. We’ll definitely need more strong men. What if the other party manages to escape, right? And if they really flee, it’d be more difficult for us to locate them by that time!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Damn, I didn’t expect that such a strong person had been living in a small city like Eastfield at all!”

Charles sighed softly. “Don’t worry. All fighters with demi-god levels from both Lambert and Freeman family will come along with us tomorrow! We should be able to kill them with these strong people, right? Moreover, adding up the men from my family together with the Freeman family, we have around three hundred fighters with grandmaster level. And these people are as strong as those Kings of War!”

“That’s great! Tomorrow morning, eight o’clock sharp, we’ll meet you at the city gate!”

Jaxon nodded in satisfaction, he then continued, “As for the drinking offer, I think I’ll pass. After all, we have a tough battle tomorrow, so it’s better for us to go back earlier and rest!”

Louis Freeman laughed at Jaxon’s words, and blurted, “Hahaha! The other party doesn’t have a lot of men, you were saying? We have so many strong men with us tomorrow, together with hundreds of grandmasters and several demi-gods, the other party would probably be frightened to death when they saw our army!”

“Frightened to death is exaggerated. But, they’ll definitely pee their pants!”

The elder of the Lambert family chuckled out loud, “Jack was a veteran who had experienced life and death on the battlefield. So I think he won’t be frightened to death so easily!”

“Hahaha! You’re right, Elder. He’ll only pee his pants!”

Tao echoed happily and the crowd laughed at the exchange.

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