No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1016

Dylan and the others then left, and both he and Jaxon were rather thrilled with their plan. They drank a lot of wine after they went back to the Lowe house before taking a rest.

The second morning, the Freemans brought around 500 to 600 masters and arrived at the city gates, and they were then joined by the Lamberts with several hundred people.

It surprised them, however, when the Lowes showed up with just 100 people, with only two or three grandmasters in their ranks. Everyone else looked like any regular fighters, and there were not many strong grandmasters.

“It looks like you people aren’t very sincere, Master Lowe. We all know that your old master and old madam are masters nearly achieving demi-god status, and you have many powerful elders as well. Why didn’t you bring them?” commented Charles, his tone laced with displeasure as he gazed at them coldly.

In his opinion, it made no sense if the people they brought with them were not powerful enough. He felt that Jaxon was pretentious for bringing these people.

Jaxon smiled bitterly. “Family masters, it wasn’t up to me. I wanted to bring the masters, to be honest with you, but Jack had slain them all when they tried to avenge my nephew before this. Both our elders had no idea that Jack is a strong master with demi-god status, hence…”

“I see. I’m sorry for your loss, Master Lowe,” uttered Charles upon hearing Jaxon’s confession. “Both our families have sent out all our masters. It’d be easy for us to kill the other party together with your people; he’d surely be crushed with our combined might. Today, we’ll get to avenge both elders!”

Jaxon smiled at that and said, “Thank you for your understanding, Master Lambert. Let’s make haste since everyone’s here.”

They then swiftly made their move.

At that moment, in the Taylor family mansion…

Old beggar Nathanael and his granddaughter, Brianna hesitated for a long time before they finally decided.

Nathanael asked Jack to go to Brianna’s room so they could talk.

That puzzled Jack, though he followed along as he noted Nathanael’s anxious expression. Jack opened the door to Brianna’s room.

He was instantly greeted with the sight of Brianna in a loose sleeping robe when he entered.

Brianna’s face blushed a crimson color when she saw Jack entering the room. She unrobed herself before Jack could even get a word out, and there was nothing underneath the robe.

Jack frowned when he saw what he saw and moved his line of sight away. “Miss Brianna, what’s the meaning of this? Please have some respect for yourself!”

Jack was rather enraged when he saw Brianna’s actions.

He took in these paupers as his helpers and even paid them a handsome monthly salary.

He had to suspect if Nathanael and Brianna had other thoughts in mind when they saw how wealthy Jack’s family was. She might want to marry him and enjoy an extravagant life.

It took Jack by surprise, then, when Brianna’s eyes reddened as she knelt before him. “Master, I know you’re the Supreme Warrior and that you’re incredibly powerful. You have strong combat powers, so we hope that you’ll help avenge our family. I have nothing to offer you, so I can only dedicate my innocent body. I only want your help!”

“Put on your clothes first!” Jack glanced at her and spoke after Brianna put on her clothes. “Who’d honor you if you belittle yourself? Also, am I that kind of person? Your actions tell me that you’re looking down on me!”

“I… I’m sorry… I… I really don’t know what to do!” Brianna’s eyes were filled with tears as her expression morphed into the look of helplessness.

That stood out to Jack as he curiously asked, “Who’s your enemy?”

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