No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1017

“Gin City’s Lambert family. Our family was smaller than theirs and my father refused to cooperate with them on businesses… I never thought that they’d send someone to kill my parents. My grandfather and I escaped the killing because we were out fishing.

“Even so, they still wanted to eliminate us, thus beginning their manhunt for us. We’ve lost them here and became beggars; there were no other ways to escape their chase.”

Brianna explained to Jack about what happened. “After we knew that you’re the Supreme Warrior and the Nine Great Gods of War are your disciples, we thought of asking for your help to get our revenge…”

“The Lambert family?” Jack gave a small smile as he replied, “You don’t need to ask us for help on this.”

Brianna’s eyes watered with faint desperation.

Jack’s next words caught her off-guard, however. “Because the Lambert Family is our enemy as well. I’m going to wipe the family out sooner or later. The reason I’m here at Swallow City isn’t because of fear for the so-called Lambert family. I just wanted to get rid of some members of the Taylor family who can’t go through thick and thin together. Of course, I’m here because of the dragon scale. Apart from that, this place is close to my family…”

“Your family?” Brianna was ecstatic when she heard what Jack said; the Lambert family was also Jack’s enemy. If that was the case, surely they would go after them.

Still, Brianna was riddled with curiosity. What sort of a family was Jack from? Jack never talked about it before.

“Nothing much to talk about.” Jack had complicated feelings when the White family was mentioned. He walked out the door. “Tell your grandfather that your family will soon receive the justice they deserved. After all, how can I go back to the White family in peace if I don’t get rid of the Lamberts and the Freemans?”

Jack had no idea that a large gathering of aristocratic families from the City of Martial Arts would be there when he walked out the door.

“Greetings to the Supreme Warrior!” All of them knelt when they saw Jack.

“And you people are…?” Jack was speechless at the sight of so many people at his residence, and almost half of the City of Martial Arts’ powerful people were present. However, most of them who came over were elders of the families.

“Many people have yet to meet you, Supreme Warrior, and they’re here to pay you a visit after they heard of what you’ve done.” A first-class aristocratic family’s elder laughed.

“Supreme Warrior, here’s a small gift from us as this is our first visit. I hope this is to your liking!” A family master respectfully presented two jade bracelets.

“Thank you so much. This is really too much! It’s nice that you guys visit us. Why send us gifts?” Fiona’s eyes lit up when she saw the presents. She walked forward and received the gift before Jack could say anything.

“Supreme Warrior, this gift from me is to thank you for saving both mine and my son’s life!” Another old man went forward and presented his gift.

“Oh, dear! Thank you, thank you…! Please come in and have a seat. Everybody come in and help yourselves to a seat!” Fiona was extremely proactive. She ordered Selena while she received the gifts, “Selena, why are you still standing there? Book a hotel, and we’ll treat our guests to lunch. We’ll have it…”

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